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Job Hunting Tips For The Future

Even in good times, it’s a smart move to keep your options open.  For anyone looking for a new job in this changing economy, let me toss out a few ideas you might not have thought much about:

1)  Clean up your profile on Facebook and other social media sites.  Believe me, prospective employers are checking you out. Also delete any inappropriate photos and comments.  Acting silly at Club Med might have been fun at the time, but it won’t score any points with a new employer.

2)  Think about your reputation.  The future is about “findability.”  In a digital age, if you’re not searchable on Google, then you don’t exist. First, check to see if bad stuff comes up about you in a Google search, and second, make sure good stuff is being said about you on the web. Get your friends, former co-workers, family – whoever, writing good stuff about you online. If you have a blog – crank it up, and use it to show that you’re an expert in your field.

3) Consider profiles on career-related sites like LinkedIn.   Lot’s of employers use online resources.

4) Don’t forget networking.  Studies reveal that the vast majority of jobs are filled through referrals – not cold calling.   Get to know people, and ask them to pass your name around.  People just naturally like to work with other people they know.  So expand your network of friends and professional relationships.

5) Find the most influential conferences, seminars, and workshops that focus on your business and start attending.  This is the time to invest in yourself.  Get to where the people who can make a difference for you spend their time.  Develop relationships. It can make a huge difference in your perception.

6) Finally, speaking of perception. – everyday, people are making judgments about you.  How you dress, how you conduct yourself, your attitude, your outlook, and more.  Few people realize how much they can control their perception, which can have an incredible impact on potential employers.  Get a copy of my book “Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media” – and instead of reading it thinking about religious organizations and non-profits, read it thinking about you.  All the principles of branding that are used for companies, products, and organizations, can also be used on people.  You have a brand – it’s the story that surrounds you.  In other words, “What do people think of when they think of you?”  Work on it.  It will transform the way people think about you.

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  1. Thanks for these wonderful suggestions and ideas. I especially love number 6 about Branding as a personal thing. It is such a simple yet profound idea that I think we often don’t consider.

  2.  It's ironic that you just wrote this because I just graduated and have begun my job search.  Excellent advice.  Thank you.


  3. I just read your article in the Joyce Meyer magazine, and especially agreed with how people are motivated by the pressure in the media– so true!! We really have to guard our hearts and minds today more than ever! God is our source– not what is going on the world!!

  4. It’s definitely great advice. I’ve gone to mypsace pages to see what type of person is interviewing for a position.

  5. Great info.  Speaking of “Findability”: You can add a profile on Google’s site which is gauranteed to land on page one (at the bottom of the page with your headshot if you add one) when someone searches for you.  It’s a new profile feature that only takes 3-5 minutes to create.  For an example, you can see mine by Googling: “Ray Lacelle”

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