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Forget Halloween, Let’s Celebrate “Jesusween!”

OK, I’m not against trying to do something positive on Halloween, but this is so wrong on so many levels.  Maybe we start with the “ween” thing?  If you attempt to offer a positive alternative to something so deeply imbedded in the culture, then at least don’t do it in a way that invites ridicule.  Am I wrong here?  If you think it’s a joke, here’s the full story.  I’m sure Jesusween is a sincere attempt, (I’m sorry.  I laugh every time I say it) but believe me, this doesn’t help the cause.

Anyone think I’m a ween here?

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  1. I’m going to chose to believe this is a joke.  Just turn the lights off and hide in the bedroom til the kids have passed by.  Newsflash:  Jesus doesn’t want a WEEN.  Anoint your candybars and toss in a cartoon track. 

  2. Some churches have lanuced a huge “truck of treat; dressing up their cars and ditshing out candy in the church parking at every car,.
    They added games,, bounce houses, hot dogs,,and light Christian music planning. Thousands of non church go and have a blast, brings new visitors in my the trucklosd.

  3. I agree! Remeber Gods made us as he is, so he made us creative… why to imitate the wrong to make good, I think doesnt work that way.

  4. How sad that in America we think of October 31st as Halloween. How have we forgotten that October 31st was basically the beginning of the Reformation…and probably the Renaissance. That is what we should be celebrating.

  5. Come on! Don’t you see the potential?  We can have “John-O-Lanterns” or “Luke-O-Lanterns”… smiling beatifically.  Then we could hand out not candy but labeled fruits – “fruits of the spirit,” that is. (Oh, we could give out one candy – Testamints.)  Imagine a house of horrors where Branches are slashed from Vines, and the Seeds landing on rocky soil are being choked to death by thorns… we could even capitalize on the Holy “Ghost”! 

    Okay – sorry for the snarkiness, but I’m on board with you, Phil.  To tell the truth, “Jesusween” sounds like some sort of Christian La Leche League.  I don’t think we really want people to “ween” off Jesus.  Just my opinion.

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