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Jesus Didn’t Make “Christian” Furniture, He Made “Good” Furniture

I’m constantly encouraging Christians to stop making such a clear boundary between the secular and sacred in all areas of life. For instance, when it comes to careers, too many Christians view themselves and their work as “Christian filmmaking,” “Christian writing,” “Christian leadership,” “Christian education,” etc.

Certainly there are times when we’re producing a project or product specifically for the Christian market. But even then, when we think of our career in “Christian” terms, the idea that it’s for a limited market or audience can leave us open to doing less than excellent work.

How many times have we heard lines like:

“It’s a Christian movie, so it doesn’t have to compete with Hollywood.”
“It’s a church play, so it doesn’t need to be Broadway quality.”
“It’s a Christian company so we’re not making products for everybody.”

While there are exceptions to everything, it’s important to remember that at his family’s carpenter shop, I have a feeling Jesus didn’t make Christian furniture, he made good furniture. He made furniture for all customers, and built it with the best quality.

That should be our attitude as well. As Christians we are “image bearers” of Jesus. So whether we work in the secular world, a church, or deal specifically with Christian or ministry projects – it’s not about making a “Christian” version of anything, it’s about reflecting Him in everything we do.

And reflecting Jesus demands the best effort of all.

Photo by Jeremy Mura on Unsplash

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  1. TOTALLY AGREE! A few years ago I produced and created a heavy metal guitar television show with very good success. The whole crew was Christian and we filmed so much backstage, but we conducted ourselves the way Christ wanted. They led to many wanting to work with us and yes, we produced a unique quality product. We produce Christian in our work, but we don’t label it Christian. We want everyone to see it! We don’t focus on the ‘choir’.

  2. Thank you Phil, I totally agree and really needed to hear this today! I am writing a graphic novel and have been pondering if I really need to say that it is a “Christian-based” book. Then recently I had to write a short bio and I thought, ok I’ll say that it’s is a “Bible-themed” book because I don’t want to scare anyone off. It’s a graphic novel that I hopes inspires

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