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Why Super Bowl Spots?

Why go to the trouble and incredible expense of showing your spot during the Super Bowl? Jeff Taylor, from offers some interesting reasons:

1. It’s the number one sporting event in the U.S. Period.

2. It’s the Ad Bowl. “I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to have people watching commercials as a show.”

3. There’s an interesting balance of viewers. “Most sports events are male dominated. The Super Bowl is 40% female viewers.”

4. You can use it as a direct vehicle. “With you could see spikes in the web traffic during the game.”

5. The potential pre- and post-game coverage associated with being a new advertiser or being controversial. “It just so happens we got more coverage this year than we did last year when we went on the Super Bowl.”

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  1. Hey Phil, couldn't you find a more recent picture to attach to this post!? ELI won this year… Not Payton! Come on… share the love on the little brothers and get a picture of this year's MVP!

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