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The Change Revolution is Now on iTunes!

Phil Cooke and The Change Revolution is a regular feature on iTunes! Now, you can visit us right here or subscribe to our weekly podcast through iTunes to hear the latest information, reports, and creative ideas on the world of media, faith, an the power of change. It’s video podcast, and from time to time we’ll be adding some pretty interesting additions as well. So subscribe today, and keep in touch with the world of change, directly from the strange and twisted mind of Phil Cooke!

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  1. I have a thought on branding.

    You know that verse "Promotion comes from the Lord" ? Well, I've been thinking that maybe the branding needs to begin primarily in the hands of the manager or the publicist. It allows the artist to remain in a state of humility and creativity. It's something that I (and many musicians) struggle with… "How do I promote, promote, promote, and not have it spill over into pride?

    I think Patricia Heaton made a great quote in an interview, she said, "It's so ironic that in my life as Christian, I'm striving to deny myself, and yet I'm paying a publicist $3000 a month to tell the world all about me."

    Any thoughts on how to keep the balance?

  2. Is this a video podcast? It says so in Itunes but it does not play on my Ipod. I just get audio.

  3. Some of the podcasts are video and some are audio. The little TV on iTunes will indicate the video podcasts.

  4. It does show a little tv but it does not play a video, just audio. If it is just me then that is ok. I just thought you should check it out. THanks.

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