Is Your Office Inspiring?

You spend at least a third of your life there. You’re there for most waking hours. It’s where you work most closely with other people. And yet, it looks plain, uninspiring, and probably outright depressing. Your surroundings have more of an impact on your creativity and productivity than you may think. That’s why you need to be more intentional about your office, your cubicle, your table, or wherever you work.

Dress it up with things that ignite your creativity. Put up inspiring or provocative posters. If plants turn you on, then get them. Bring in great resources and the right books. Put up a few family pictures.

Stop complaining that the company or organization won’t give you a decorating budget. Hey – it’s your office and your life, so stop blaming and start taking charge. Make sure it reflects your personality and style. Make a statement. Use your office as a calling card for everyone that visits.

Embrace every aspect of your life that enhances your creativity and productivity.

And let’s start with that drab office…


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  1. All I want is a window in my small office where I spend forty hours a week almost completely alone. A window would change my whole perspective about my feeling of working in a prison cell. I’ve jokingly told my boss that I’m bringing a sledge hammer to work to knock out a hole in the wall! Believe it or not, personalizing our offices outside of a couple small family pictures is against our corporation’s policy; nothing can be changed. I have music playing in my office, that’s what keeps my mind thinking creative and keeps me sane in a non creative environment. Sometimes you have to find your own way around policies, rules and ways to survive a dull work space. Where there’s a will, there’s a way to make it happen.

  2. (…stop blaming and start taking charge.) That’s good guidance in MANY areas of life, not just decorating.

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