Is Your Church Sponsoring a Local Event Related to the Super Bowl?

More and more churches are sponsoring events around watching the Super Bowl football game.  In spite of some attempts by the NFL to shut it down, “Super Bowl Parties” at churches are growing – mostly as an outreach to local men.  I’d love to know if your church is planning anything, and feel free to share the details, and if you think it’s a good outreach:

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  1. Yes we are having a Super Bo……I mean Big Game Party. We supply the BBQ and drinks and all the men bring the sides and recliners. We have give a ways at the end of each quarter with a grand prize give a way at the end for the person who guesses closest to the final score. This year we are adding a little 5 minute message during halftime.

  2. As a minister, and a football fan, I have never been comfortable with the church sponsoring a Super Bowl (or “Big Game”) Party? Why? For 364 other days of they year I speak to the men (and women) about purity avoiding temptation, and not allowing the enemy ways to infiltrate our minds. To ask them to all come together for a football game where there is a lot of skin, beer commercials, and other offensive media, seems highly inappropriate for a church to engage in.

    Fact is, it’s not something I should in the privacy of my own home…

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