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Is Your Church, Ministry, or Nonprofit Accurately Listed in Google Maps?

  Have you taken the time to find out if your church, ministry, or nonprofit can be accurately located with Google maps? I did an informal survey of churches recently, and discovered a pretty significant number of church locations are actually a block or two off. Others showed the address to be the loading dock in a back alley, and a few others weren’t even close. It may not seem like a big deal, but when visitors who don’t know the area are looking – even a block off can be a problem. So I asked the digital team at Life.Church lead by Bobby Gruenewald how to fix it. Here’s their advice: In most cases, the location problem is due to the phone accurately connecting but showing the user in the wrong place, sometimes by a block or more when in the city. If a church’s address or location on a map is incorrect, it could be a number of reasons and can be hard to pinpoint. One thing they suggested is to fill out a Google My Business account. It’s free. You can follow the instructions and verify the address of the business. This helps with SEO, but also gets the church listed in “near me” searches like “find a church near me.” Google, Apple, etc., are pulling from different public record lists and that’s why churches and businesses alike need to keep their information on their website visible and updated to feed accurate info into these search engines and their mapping programs. For a more detailed explanation, you can find one here:

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  1. …and Bing Maps, Here Maps, Open Map, et al……..

    Work toward getting away from the big one……eventually, people will thank you.

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