Is Your Big Idea Easy to Understand?

People come to share their “big idea” with me all the time. They’re excited, pumped, and can’t wait to tell me their great idea for a movie, a nonprofit organization, a book, a new product, or company.  The problem is, it takes forever. Try as they might, they just can’t explain their big idea in a short, simple conversation. For some reason they feel obligated to tell me the history, the background, the competition, the mistakes, the failed tries, the alternatives, what other people think, and on and on.

The truth is, you’re far more likely to generate interest in your big idea if you can explain it in a minute or two, and make it easy to understand.  For instance, when you think about it, as complex and game-changing as the iPhone is, it’s a pretty simple idea that can be explained pretty quickly.

It’s all about the “elevator pitch.” In Hollywood, the elevator pitch is about having an opportunity to meet a studio executive or producer in an elevator and having only the time it takes to go up a couple of floors.  Can you pitch your idea in that timeframe?  If you can’t, then you don’t know it well enough.

Keep it short, keep it simple, and keep it exciting. Simplicity and brevity are not your enemies. They’re your friends.

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  1. This is so true Phil. The key is to get others as excited about our ideas as we are about them. This is definitely where branding comes into play, we understand our own brand it will be easier to explain it to others.

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