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Is the Small Stuff Keeping You From Accomplishing the BIG Stuff?

As I continue consulting with organizations and their leaders, one of the biggest obstacles that’s becoming more and more clear is that some leaders understand the importance of communicating their message, and others don’t. It’s that simple. The ones that see the importance, and are willing to budget the time and money necessary to make it happen are leaders with vision. As a result, they see big possibilities out there, and focus relentlessly on how their message can have greater impact.  The rest?

They keep putting it on the back burner.

In most cases, they can’t see the big possibilities, because the day to day small stuff is in their way. You act on what you see, and most leaders don’t know how to mange the small stuff so they can clearly see the big stuff. Writer and teacher Dallas Willard noticed that spiritual growth was similar. The reason we don’t have a more vital spiritual life is because what’s VISIBLE gets our attention over what’s INVISIBLE.  Until we can manage that balance better, we’ll never grow deeper spiritually.

It’s about managing the small stuff so you can focus on the big stuff.

The question is, what’s the small things that are keeping you from accomplishing big things?

I’d love to hear what challenges you face…

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  1. Like all pastors, Phil, I am caught in the “netherworld” of in person vs online. We are able to maintain both thankfully. But I am a very sanguine personality so I do miss the personal interaction. During the pandemic when we couldn’t meet, I started by writing notes to each person. Then I started writing a Midweek Message that was sent to everyone and posted on the church FB page. (Just hit Week #17). Then I started doing drive-bys where I pulled into a person’s driveway and prayed for them. I then texted them and some came out to say hi but others stayed but told me they appreciated the prayers. We are now in person but many are still leery of coming so I started just stopping by and saying Hi from a safe distance. If no one is home I leave my card. That is, personally, my biggest challenge: keeping in touch with the people on a more face to face basis. I pastor a church in a small town so i do things differently than if I was in a big church in a big town. If we go back into hunker-down mode, I may try a digital approach by recording and posting. I’m not sure that is what you had in mind with your question, but for some that more personal touch would be a way to not accomplish bigger things.

    1. Bill – That’s actually a brilliant class in how to connect in a small town church – and it includes a number of things I would have never thought of. Please keep us posted and I’d be curious if you do indeed go to a more digital approach should this virus shutdown continue… Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I agree, Phil. That’s why we need to constantly be reviewing the tasks we spend our time on and consider whether we should stop, automate or delegate any of them so we have more time and energy to spend on the big stuff.

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