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Is Online TV Killing Traditional TV?

There are so many inaccurate reports on the “death of traditional TV” out there. There’s no question that millions are moving online, but it’s really a question of platforms more than content. In other words, programming created for traditional broadcast TV as well as movies are still the primary content being watched by most consumers. But now, people are watching it on multiple platforms. For creative producers and filmmakers, it’s important to know the facts about how people are engaging media today. So I asked my friend Drew Burstein, who’s the owner and director of a company called Frame Your TV in the UK.  He writes about these issues and he created this fascinating infographic to explain what’s happening:

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  1. Great great info! Unfortunately some church ministries refuse to look at the trends and are more worried about how many will stay home and watch if they stream online vs how many more they can impact for The Kingdom with an online streaming ministry. BTW my church had 18,000 watching online this past Sunday. They don’t track how many stayed home and watched in bed.

    1. Well said Sam! We’re WAY past the era of worrying about people staying at home. The impact of a streaming experience is too positive to deny. Thanks for posting!

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