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What’s the iPhone of your Industry?

The journalism business is experiencing incredible chaos right now, as technology is changing how people find news and information.  As a result, traditional business models are crumbling – particularly in the newspaper industry – as people search for ways to pay for professional journalism.  At the same time, we’re seeing some remarkable stories of how new technology is allowing people to get their message heard.

From a young couple going undercover with a hidden camera to expose ACORN, to filmmakers finding new audiences on the web, the financial and distribution models are changing on a daily basis.

Someone once said, “Be the iPhone of your industry.”  The question is – whatever your industry is, what are you doing to break traditional models, and connect to your audience faster, and with more relevance?

There’s a great branding question at work here – “Why should anyone care?”  As the web continues changing everything, how can you find the answers?

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