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Internet Use Increases WITHOUT a Decline in TV

Forrester Research has just released a new study that shows Internet use has increased 121%.  That’s no real surprise, and the biggest online activities are email (92%), Purchasing products (60%), sending a receiving photos (49%), and social networking (35%).  One online surprise was still the strength of email.

As a new generation emerges focusing on social media for connecting, many colleges are actually dropping email services for their students.  But Forrester’s study concludes that email is still the primary use of the internet for most people.  However, the surprise most weren’t expecting was that while Internet use rose 121%, traditional broadcast television has still held steady for the last 5 years.

In other words, most people would have predicted that as the Internet rose, broadcast TV would go down.  But apparently people still are watching TV.  As I wrote a few months ago, Nielsen Ratings reported earlier this year, TV viewing was actually at an all time high.

What does this mean?  It means that the demise of traditional broadcast TV is a bit premature.  As a result, it’s still an incredibly important platform for reaching a mass audience.  So if you’re in the content creation business, don’t discount the option of producing traditional TV.

I’d love to know your thoughts about the study results…

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  1. I know in my own personal life I gave up completely on television about 2 years ago. Its not that Im a “kill your television” extremist like those I grew up around… Its because any show I want to watch I can just watch online the next morning at my own pace and on my own time. I do loyally follow half a dozen shows or so, but why bother with TV when I can just watch it in the morning! As long as CBS, Fox, Comedy Central, ect, ect… are posting full episodes and services like hulu and netflix on xbox are available save the money on your cable bill cause the internet is a living breathing DVR box. I maybe watch television 30 minutes a week… maybe…
    However I have noticed among the people I interact with that TV is still holding on strong. I just think the internet is better myself!

  2. I agree. Although the use of internet is incredibly increasing, for whatever purpose, people still take the time to turn their TV on. Maybe whilst browsing the internet, they are tuned in to their favorite shows. So don’t miss out on your favorite TV shows and don’t feel compelled to answer your e-mails every 5 minutes, enjoy life and offload some to an assistant.

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