News Updates: INSP, Phil Driscoll, and Faith Based Entertainment

Here's some local news updates about INSP and Phil Driscoll. Plus, Variety magazine now has "faith based" entertainment coverage.

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  1. Seemingly more than ever before is the need to not only know the Word of God, but especially the voice of the Holy Spirit…on a minute by minute basis.

    I'm saddened by those that have publicly been in error, but also challenged to step up to the next level in living a Spirit-led life based on the Word of God.

    And also challenged to engage this "news reporting" culture with authenticity. Again, thank you Phil for helping to inspire this kind of thought.

  2. Phil, do us a favor and tell us how we can inform the world that true Word of Faithers are not part of this new "prosperity theology."  It seems like anyone who is non-denominational and has any kind of cracked theology is deemed to be a Word of Faith minister these days.

  3. Great question.  I agree that there's a lot of confusion out there on who is and who isn't.  is there an actual statement of faith that defines the good guys vs. the others?  Seems like you need to define the brand.

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