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Innovator’s Brains are Different

More and more research seems to point to the fact that true innovator’s brains are actually different from other people’s brains.  The big difference is that original thinkers – iconoclasts – innovators – whatever you want to call them, see the world differently than everyone else.  Too many of us think “automatically” – in other words, we assume the way things should be, take a lot for granted, and don’t challenge our perceptions.  But innovators don’t make those assumptions, and generally see the world the way it is.  The secret of being an innovator is to bombard the brain with new experiences.

Force yourself to see the world in different ways.  Travel.  Meet new people.  Think from different experiences.  Live a life of novelty.

It’s no surprise many of our most innovative writers, artists, actors, filmmakers and more were a bit eccentric.  They didn’t live their lives the way everyone else thought they should.  Jesus was a great example of someone who lived outside other people’s expectations.  As a result, these unusual people produce far more creative work because they refused to see “normal” as normal.

What’s your experience?  Is there a routine you can break out of?  What behavior can you shatter that would give you a new perspective on living?


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  1. Hi There,

    I have started my own business 12/12/08 last year. This was a decision I
    made after have to make a very difficult decision to quite my ex-job were I
    earned a good salary with very good benefits.

    I didn’t make this decision because I at that stage wanted to. But I have to
    admit that it was partially my mistake. I did not give my current job at that
    stage the commitment I should have. I have divided attention between the
    business and it was a very difficult time in my relationship between my wife
    and my self.

    So now I’m working for myself and yes I’m trying to make a living as honestly.
    It’s been lets say almost 5 months. How I made it this far is a miracle since I
    hade to start this business with no capital/ cash flow / running cost/ start up
    funds, call it what you may. I almost thus far lost my house and car.

    Currently I am at that point which I like to call make or break. I am
    currently waiting for contracts to come thru on which I have quote; apparently
    they should come thru this month. 

    What is my point??? Its simple 1Heb13:5 that’s my point after working late
    for 4 months on one from 8am to 22:30pm the same a now while I’m writing this
    mail "Its currently 20:59 here in S.A

    Thru all this I build my relationship with Jesus in ways I haven’t been able
    to for quite some time. During this time I also watch Fire proof which even by
    the grace of my living father in me saved our relation ship.

    I don’t know why I am writing this mail, maybe its to seek advice, maybe
    just to try and find out what is His purpose in live with me and maybe I am
    just confused but thru all of this I hope and trust with my whole hart and He
    has a plan in this live for me with my business and in my relationship between
    him and my wife and myself. Because I really need Him in my live now more than
    ever because it feels as if I have thus far done a good job of messing up my
    live and a lot of people whom I use to know. And I regret this but also know
    that my situation I am currently in for the first time in my live situations is
    outside of my control and I really need His help to find purpose and place in
    this live. 

    Sorry for the long mail.:-)

  2. You can read books on how to brain-storm, thinking outside the box, etc. There are many people who have come up with new ideas but they were shunned and were not vindicated until late in life or after they were dead. One of the greatest novels of all time, Moby Dick, was not published in the author’s life time, and he was a literary agent!! The publishers all said, "who wants to read a book about a fish?"

    All great innovators were laughed at and shunned by the so-called experts of the day. And it is still happening today. There is a very high price to pay for being an innovator. Very few
    become recognized and rewarded. More often than not they are crucified
    or burned at the stake. You must go along to get along, and if you do not you loose your career.

  3. Wow–you must know my husband, lol! This is SO him–Kevin, an artist and illustrator, so doubly creative, used to turn puzzle pieces over when he was little and DO THEM UPSIDE DOWN! He wrote his second chap book in reverse, starting with the last chapter! And because he sees things that others don’t, he can barely watch movies because he’s always saying, “Why did they miss that? They should have done this,” etc. So, you are right, being a gifted artist can be hard because they see the world differently, and it can be frustrating for him as to WHY people don’t see things the way he does–what SHOULD be, as you wrote, normal (being selfless, putting others first, etc), he is regularly shocked and saddened when it’s not. And that is why we do what we can, with our children’s characters, to make, in some small way, the world a better place.

    When Kev was little his mom said to him, “Not everyone can draw like you can,” and he said, “Then who will be my friend?” He didn’t realize how different and special he was. But it’s people like him that are world-changers…who use their gifts to beautify and inspire their little part of the world.

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