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The Influence Lab is Here!

You’re one of the first to see our new nonprofit initiative called “The Influence Lab.” As you scroll through the website, you’ll see what it’s about, but essentially, our goal is to radically re-think global missions in the digital age. The truth is, the vast mission effort is still based on a 200 year old model. But in an age where other countries send more missionaries to the US than the US sends out, our goal isn’t to send people from here, it’s to train and empower locals – particularly in media and technology.

When it comes to media, I have far more speaking and teaching requests that I can currently keep up with, and more international organizations are crying out for help with their web presence, social media, mobile apps, video production, and more. So a significant part of The Influence Lab will be sending teams for international training – PLUS a short term missions program for technology, communication, and media professionals.

You’ve probably heard me say that in a world where by population, Facebook is the 3rd largest country, it’s time to re-think “missions” in terms of digital boundaries rather than just geographic boundaries. We’d love for you to help us make that happen.

Here’s how you can help:

1) Get the word out. Please share this site through social media and help us build awareness.
2) Think of how you can share your experience and expertise in our training programs.
3) Support the effort financially. Share this vision with those who have a passion for using media globally. We need to raise a significant endowment to help us with equipment, facilities, and travel expenses to these nations. The Influence Lab is a fully registered tax deductible organization.

Thanks to taking a look, and we’re excited about the future!



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  1. This looks really exciting.

    Could be interesting timing… I am about to run a local seminar series on “Media Engagement for Churches” – designed to teach pastors practical ways, and the benefits of gaining exposure in the media. – Generally teaching that it works and that they can reach more lives through media; along with avoiding the pitfalls.

    I should add that this will be run out of the local Christian Radio. (Pulse 94.1)

    Is this something that Influence Lab would partner with? …or could I partner with Influence Lab?

  2. Looks like again, you have re-invented yourself and redefined your mission. Should be an exciting and worthy undertaking. Keep up the great work you are doing.

  3. Wow, you’re definitely on to something here. How exciting to launch such a mission! My prayers and support are with you.

  4. SO TIMELY! On 8/19/13, I uploaded some original prophetic music to a site called noisetrade.com that I assumed would remain hidden until I told someone about it. A few hours later, much to my surprise, I received an email from a gentleman in the UK asking about lyrics. Needless to say, I was somewhat intrigued but still clueless. Over the next few days, I discovered a way to see where all the music was being downloaded, and again, much to my surprise, it has now been downloaded in 11 different countries (6 continents) 15 of the 50 states – from North Pole, Alaska to Nepal to New Zealand.

    Recognizing that God was up to something, I began to seek His direction and He began to download a strategy to circulate a song I had written called “Every Wall Is Coming Down” to people, churches and ministries around the world with plans to ultimately lift up this proclamation in unison at some date down the road using existing technology – probably sometime in 2014 – details to be determined. I covet your prayers!

    The song is here: http://noisetrade.com/charlied/every-wall-single-released-7812

  5. Working
    very good, necessary and timely, not only USA but also worldwide.

    Greet you from Albania, the wish to be
    attached to your scope for a global cooperation.

    fact, several years kame think, pray, and try (modestly) for a professional
    thing and the Bible, which affect communication with the Christian ethic, to
    transform people (generations) …

    the hope of collaboration wish you many blessings in Christ Fatjon Mita.

    As / producion
    in RTV SCAN (Albania) media economic-financial Profiling


    (Idea) of the association “Media
    Professional”.in Albania


    of the Church ” Rruga e Shpetimit ” Tirana.

  6. Love this. I will visit your website to learn more. Say hi to Kathleen! She and I me through Michelle Wood. I love what your doing here and am always encouraged

  7. A mechanical invention by Gutenberg fueled the democratization of learning and the Reformation. Now, the Digital Age is in the early phase of democratizing filmmaking, art, and world wide communication and fueling a revolution in the transmission of the Gospel.

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