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The “Influence Lab” is Live and Moving Forward

The Influence Lab nonprofit organization is officially launched, and if you’re a Christian involved in media, you should be excited.  It’s involved in 3 key areas:

1) Working as an media advocacy organization to help change the perception of today’s culture about Christianity.
– He who controls the narrative controls the culture, and we want to use our relationships, connections, and influence to help shape those stories in the national media.

2) Create a more effective pathway for talented Christians to break into Hollywood.
– While Christian influence in entertainment and media has made great strides, we want to aim all our guns on helping gifted filmmakers get connected to major studios and networks.

3) Train a new generation of pastors and leaders globally in how to use media in their work.
– The quote on the site from a Christian radio station manager in Bangkok, Thailand says it all: “We don’t need more missionaries, people who build houses, or high school kids on short term mission trips. But if we could just get a web-developer for two weeks, it would transform our ministry.”  We get requests on a weekly basis from mission organizations globally asking us to teach and train their people in social media, technology, video, and web development.

To us, that’s the future of missions.  We want to re-define missions in the digital age.

Your help through financial support, connecting us with major donors, being available to teach and train others, and your creative ideas and feedback will be enormous.  We’re incredibly grateful for your participation. Let’s take this vision to the next level, and grow it.

– The Influence Lab Team

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