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In This Economy – Why You Should Increase Your Online Presence

The digital world is largely the wild west out there, but as I say in “The Last TV Evangelist,” right now it’s about influence, not income.  That’s why companies know that establishing a beachhead in the online world is vital for their future brand.  Plus, remarkable shifts are happening.  Hulu.com now is making more money than YouTube – which indicates that good content still rules.

A short video of puppies crossing a freeway is interesting for a moment, but now people are settling into the web as a real entertainment option.  Research indicates that TV is no longer the first screen for those 50 and younger.  Yes – 50 and younger.  Older people are moving to the web in droves.  And beyond the web, mobile programming is up 1264% just in the last number of years.

Movies and TV will always be around, but they’re losing influence.  Everyone talked about how large the audience for the Obama inauguration was, but the truth is – the broadcast TV audience for the inauguration was smaller than for Reagan’s inauguration more than 20 years ago.  Where was that huge audience?  Everyone was watching it online.

If you read my new book “The Last TV Evangelist” it has lots of information about what’s working on the web and why – and more important – why it matters.  The bottom line is that whatever your organization, the web is becoming more and more important.

To not do that, is to turn our back on the future…

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  1. Phil, Good post!

    One thing about on-line presence from broadcast ministries:

    They must understand what’s good for the goose is good for the gander… They must look themselves what’s out there on the internet:

    It is great hypocrisy for traditional Christian charismatic broadcasters to go on the internet without appreciating the GREAT BODY OF CRITICISM already on the internet against the ossified, out-of-doctrinal-verity broadcasters themselves.

    To simply output the broadcast spiel onto a fabulous looking website, as the broadcasters are wont to do, including the hated flash-media intros, is hubris of the highest order.

    The broadcasters’ websites simply become Mark 16:20 reverse signs unto themselves: Like Obama swearing in as President with no Bible:  His heart was shown.

    The traditional religious broadcasters only OUTPUT, and the output is mostly EGO.

    The internet exposes egos, and does not support them as one-way broadcasting.

    In fact, the internet aggregates TRUTH, something traditional broadcasters do not presently, but some day soon, will fear… as in FEAR OF GOD, OH MY GOD!  WE’VE BEEN BROADCASTING DEMAGOGUES, and OUR SHEEP HAVE ELECTED DEMAGOGUE STATISTS that will soon take away religious demagogue broadcasting power!

    Then: Oops! We Beezlebubs of go-along-get-along-wink-wink Christian Broadcasting…. NOW.. don’t have the moral power to stop the soft-tyrant government Beezlebubs our sheep learned to follow from first following us!

  2. Phil, or anyone else, can you tell me how hulu.com make their money? There is no advertising from third parties. Thanks 🙂

  3. Considering the cost of buying time, etc., ministries need to check out the book NetGain that came out about 10 years ago… the authors stated that for every dollar spent "creating" content, they lost 14 dollars. However, for every dollar spent encouraging "user-created" content, the return on investment was 26 dollars for every dollar spent. YouTube doesn’t "create" content. They just provide a platform. Our Alma Mater, Oral Roberts University, is struggling to drive traffic to their official Alumni site, however, everyone is on Facebook and do not see the need to login somewhere else… as one of the famous crooks of the ’30’s said, "I rob banks because that’s where the money is." The problem with getting church/ministries to go online is the primary lesson of the "seven last words of the Church:" WE HAVE NEVER DONE IT THAT WAY BEFORE!


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