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Do You Live In The Moment?

I was waiting for my plane at Houston’s Hobby Airport recently and walked by a massive historical kiosk on Houston’s Johnson Space Center.  The display featured remarkable photographs of astronauts in training, in the spacecraft, and on the moon.  As I walked by, there was a small boy fascinated by the shots of the “space men,” and he was totally focused.  What actors call “in the moment.”

It occurred to me that he wasn’t thinking about where he’d come from that morning, when his flight was leaving, if he needed to grab a bite to eat, if he should call a client, or if his flight was delayed. He didn’t care. He didn’t need to care.

I would love to be able to get in the moment like that. As I run from the rental car counter to the airline gate, a million thoughts race through my mind about phone calls, clients, projects, family, deadlines, delayed flights, bills, to-do lists, and more. In my work, I pass more fascinating things in a day than most people see in a month, and yet in most cases, I walk right by – my mind somewhere else.

What about you?  When was the last time you really got lost in something?  When was the last time you were so focused, you detached from everything else?  When was the last time you really unplugged?

It’s hard.  Maybe impossible.  But I sure want to keep trying…

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  1. I had that happen twice yesterday. The first was where I was biking 20+ miles through Charlotte. At some point in the ride, I forgot about peddling, and just enjoyed the scenery. It makes living here a different experience when that happens.

    I won’t mention the second out of sheer embarrassment, and a hope to be confronted with the same moment again (soon). But yes, there are really some things worth getting lost in – and coming out of it with a passion to do life different is always even better.

  2. I usually live quite the opposite. I constantly am living “in the moment” which results in poor planning and haphazard organization. As with everything, I think there is a balance to doing both. It’s always about finding the happy medium.

  3. My Moment Keeper is my two year old daughter, Brooklyn.

    Daily she engages me in her moment. We call her “the fixer” because whatever you are worried about before she walked in the room, you’ve forgotten by the time she’s there.

    A year of full-time freelance work has afforded me quite a bit of Daddy-Daughter Time. I’m sure I couldn’t put a price tag on the value of this period in our lives.

    To my friends and clients: If I missed your text, emails or calls, you’ll have to speak to my “fixer”. She has me fixed in the moment, at the moment.


  4. I find myself “in the moment” when I draw. I’m not concerned about the outside world and can spend hours at it if I’m not careful. Also, when I’m writing a story, I find myself caught up. And of course there are times when my wife and I are just enjoying each other’s company – laughing and relaxing. I wish those moments wouldn’t end. And finally, back in June, I had a completely free Saturday, so I walked… about 10 miles and just talked to God and enjoyed the view.
    Allen Paul Weaver III
    Author, Speedsuit Powers

  5. The ultimate in “in-moment” living is Paul’s Col. 1:26-27 “Christ-in-You!” But to believe that is too much maturity-in-Christ, because we’d have to disbelieve Christ comes in rapture or second coming or some pie-in-the-sky comfy way.

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