I’m Panicking About my Next Book, But That’s My Style – What’s Yours?

I have a new book due in August. I can’t tell you what it’s about yet, but trust me – I’m running late. I’ve been traveling around the country speaking at events and doing the “Jolt!” book tour, and time has been slipping away. But the good thing is that it’s normal. Yep – I’m a last minute, panicky type of writer. I’ve discovered that if I sit down too early, I have nothing to say. So I put it off and put it off – all the while thinking about the topic, and rolling it around in my head. Plus, I’m reading, researching, and discussing it with people.

Then, as I get frighteningly near the deadline, I sit down and it just pours out of my head onto the page. The ideas build up behind the dam and when I finally open the gates, “writer’s block” is the least of my problems. That doesn’t mean it’s good, but I’ve discovered that waiting is a positive  thing for me.

So I’m running late as usual, but hopefully, I’ll be OK.  So what’s the take away?

Too many people struggle with creative work because they don’t recognize their personal style and work within those boundaries. Whatever yours is, figure it out and take it seriously.

What time of day do you do your best work?

Is the atmosphere of the room important?

Music or no music?

How do you handle distractions?

Whatever it is, follow it. The results will be dramatic.

Let me know what the best conditions for creativity are for you…

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  1. I do early morning and evening sessions (I’ve got little kids…I write when they’re asleep). I like to have plenty of time to get my writing done. And I do well to have a warm up (that’s what the blog is for).

    And if I’m stressed and panicked…well…that’s when my creativity shuts down. 

  2. Atmosphere doesn’t matter, I’m best early in the day, but time doesn’t matter. If I can get over the guilt of laundry piling up and dishes in the sink, once I pick up my pen the story will start pouring out. Guilt and feeling obligation to do other things are my biggest problems, but usually I can write anytime anywhere…..

    1. Sounds like you need confidence in the value of your writing.  I know that’s hard, but what you’re doing has value and you should rise up and feel more confident about it.

  3. MUSIC!! I’ve tried again and again to write in coffee houses but their tunes were attrocious, cutting my inspiration off completely!

    MORNING! The second I wake up, even before breakfast of cafeine induced beverages. Yeah, I’m hardcore.

    CATS! They create the best distractions 🙂

  4. For me, I find I’m at my most creative after 10:30pm, when I suddenly get a kind of second wind, however tired I was previously. So lots of late nights for me…

  5. The thing that helps most is freedom from distractions. If anyone knows how to achieve that, short of a sensory-deprivation tank with a laptop inside, please let me know.

    1. I don’t go that far, but when I write, I do it in a room with no music, no TV, and with big shutters on the windows.  Distractions are probably my biggest problems.  Writing on airplanes is good, since I’m trapped….

  6. Night time works best for my writing. No music, no noise, no distractions. That includes no windows, pets or kids. My family accuses me of going into a hyper-focus mode. The closer I get to any deadline the better I work and the more creative I am. Pressure works well for me…. it motivates me as I get closer to the edge of the cliff.

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