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How Wide Is Your World?

This week, I’m particularly interested in discussing how we can evaluate our lives, our work, our failures, and our accomplishments. There’s no better time to take a personal inventory than at the end of the year, so after the last post, I’m moving toward “expanding your resources for creativity.” In Sam Harrison’s new book “Ideaspotting – How to Find Your Next Great Idea” he asks an important question for creativity. How wide is your world? For better ideas, we need a wider range of input, and here are a few of the areas he suggests.  Let me know what you think:

1. Where do you get your core news about what’s happening in the world?

2. How do you keep current on what’s happening in your field of work?

3. How do you stay mindful of what’s happening in the business world?

4. How do you learn about the interests, needs, and lifestyles, of age groups older and younger than you?

5. How do you get insights about the perspectives of the opposite gender?

6. How do you stay current on new developments in science and technology?

7. How do you stay on top of trends in entertainment and style?

8. How do you keep expanding your knowledge of the arts and humanities?

9. How do you become increasingly enlightened about physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being?

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