Are you an Iconoclast?

My favorite definition of “Iconoclast” is someone who does things other people say can’t be done.  He or she is an independent thinker – even when that means going against the crowd.   That sounds easy to say, but research shows that with enough social pressure, it’s almost impossible for most people to stand alone in their beliefs, views, and opinions.  Study after study indicate that few people are actually strong or committed enough to fight the influence of the crowd.  As a result,
we hear fewer diverse voices, and original thinking gets lost in the noise of the group.  The biggest culprit?  Fear.  Most people site fear as the reason they hesitate to disagree with bosses, argue for their real political opinion, or stand up for their faith.

We’ve all been guilty of it.  But it cheapens our culture when all our voices aren’t heard.  From a practical perspective, by just “going along” we hurt our businesses, our families, our religious organizations, and most of all, our dreams.  The longer we continue to hold back our own thinking, the harder it will be for us to have original thoughts at all.

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  1. Sometimes you pay a price.  You give an organization what they NEED instead of what they WANT and you fall hard.  After awhile they "get it" and some small form of vindication comes, but again, at a price.  The satisfaction comes when you really know you were a change agent…finally, even with the scars.

  2. I know what you mean. I have seen some organisations churn through dozens of people in the same job, all recommending the same thing – then about 10 years later they finally "get it". I dont enjoy other people learning at my expense.

  3. I agree 100%, Phil. Too often, I find myself saying "Now why did you say X when you should have said Y?" And the answer? Yep. Fear.

    Fear that if my political viewpoints offend loyal readers, well, they won’t be loyal readers any more. Fear that if I admit a friend’s taste in movies and books offends me, it could result in a relationship rift.

    What I need to remember is that by ‘going along’, I’m ‘going against’ God’s word…that I only need to pause a nanosecond to hear what HE’D like me to say, instead of depending on my fear-filled self to come up with something PC.

    Maybe all I really need to do is change PC from Political Correctness to Please Christ.


  4. Much-needed point to raise. What happens when there are repurcussions for being this way, for those of us tired of being made to feel bad for who God made us… ?

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