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I’m Terrible at This: I Quit

Years ago, the London Times reported in a rare statement, that Malcolm Pearson, head of the UK Independence Party, which advocates withdrawing Britain from the European Union, said he had stepped down.  His reason?   “I’m terrible at this, I quit.”  I have to hand it to him for his complete honesty, and wish more leaders understood themselves as well as Mr. Pearson.   The old  saying that “Quitters never win and winners never quit” couldn’t be more false, and in my opinion has led to
a lot of disasters.

If you’ve over your head or don’t know what you’re doing, don’t be afraid to step down.   Allow a more qualified person to do the job.  There’s no harm in realizing your limitations.  In fact, there’s honor in it.

I’d like the “I’m terrible at this:  I quit” t-shirt.    Let’s start a movement.

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  1. There’s nothing trickier than having to do your superiors job for them, whilst trying not to look like your doing their job and making them feel good about it, and not upsetting the person higher up who put them in charge of you – even when they admit it was a silly decision and try and pump you for dirt. Arggh!!!! Just put the right person in the job!!!!

  2. I know how that feels… I’ve had a terrible experience of a similar kind. What is worse is when the person right on top is threatened by your efficiency and starts searching for things to comment on! It is pathetic and takes the joy out of working! I wrote stuff that he signed his name on and got the credit for… I didn’t mind that at all until he got really petty and started showing his true colors! Ugh!!

    He was the main reason behind my ultimately quitting a job that I actually enjoyed doing in the beginning. I found a lot of satisfaction in it because it used my strengths pretty well… but this man ruined it all for me. Even when they asked me to come back, the rider was that I should go speak to him about it first… and I said ‘NO!” Thanks, but no thanks… No more working for people who don’t appreciate who I am and what I do and instead of appreciating that… do everything to make me miserable… Who wants that anyway?

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