How Well Does Your Idea Resonate?

The dictionary definition of “resonance” is: “Vibration caused by a relatively small stimulus, the intensification and enriching of a musical tone by supplementary vibration, or a quality of evoking response.”   When it comes to your ideas – do they create a vibration in the room?  Do they cause a response?  Too often, when we share or pitch our ideas, nothing happens. Then we tell ourselves that “they just don’t get it” or “they don’t appreciate my genius.”

But great ideas resonate.  People pick up on them and respond. That doesn’t mean you won’t experience times when you pitch to idiots, and it drops like a brick.  But the truth is, for the most part, a great idea connects, and when you pitch it, you notice.

Starting today – when you share ideas, start looking for the response. They don’t need to gush, but you’ll know if it clicks.

And if it clicks, you may be on to something…..

Have you noticed how resonance works when you share great ideas?

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  1. I find ideas or pitches resonate if they have a “universal impact.” Does the idea or story touch us all, in some way? The story about a family might be something that is happening to that particular family, but we all have worries about our children, our spouses, particularly if it is health related.

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