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How to Stop Worrying About the Competition

Whatever you think of the ongoing battle between Uber, Lyft, and the taxi establishment one thing is worth noting about their fight. Whoever you are and whatever your job, someone is closing in on you. Just when the taxi world was resting easily with little competition, along came an upstart in the gig economy that’s putting them out of business. But in today’s rapidly changing world, what’s the solution? How can you stay in the lead when so many are gunning for your job? Here’s a list of things you can start right now to keep you in front of the pack:

1) Be the expert. Learn all there is to know about the world that surrounds your job. Be the “go-to” person on your team when a challenge happens or obstacles appear. Know the history of your industry, so you’ll know what’s been tried before and what’s failed. Stop complaining about your competition and start learning.

2) Upgrade your people skills. I’ve always taught that your people skills will be just as important as the skills it takes to do your job. Learn to lead a team. Be confident speaking in front of an audience. And learn how to effortlessly meet new people and develop new relationships.

3) Know your One Big Thing. Master your niche. Stop being average at everything and start being extraordinary at one big thing.

4) Understand the power of perception. What do people think of when they think of you? Remember, it’s your boss’s perception of you that his or her decisions for raises or promotions is based. What’s the perception people have of you? Is it a perception of excellence? High standards? Someone who always delivers? Or someone who just gets by? Work on your personal brand because that’s where perceptions begin.

5) Finally, never get complacent. Complacency is a death-knell for leaders. Remember the old Avis tagline: “We try harder.” Never get self-satisfied. And never forget the famous quote from the artist Michelangelo: “I’m always learning.”

What are the key insights that keep you on top?

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  1. Phil, I read articles like this to find out what my key insights should be…. Your article touches on three of the top five fears most people have. I’ve never understood fear of public speaking, as I was put onstage by my mother at such a young age; even before I was in kindergarten.

  2. Right on target with #1. In my various jobs over the years there’s been much complaining about competition or the industry itself. In all cases there’s always someone who’s successful despite the high level of competition or economic downturn. Those are the people who continually work to make themselves better.

  3. The best thing to overcome the worriedness of competition “Be the expert” that you describe here. Knowing the historical backdrop of possesses industry, so you’ll comprehend what’s been attempted before and what’s fizzled. Quit grumbling about your opposition and begin learning.

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