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How To Increase Your Social Media Influence

Maybe you don’t think you’re failing, but the truth is – you could be having so much more influence than you have right now. You could have more followers, more engagement, and more results – but you have to take it seriously. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms are fun – but they’re also serious business tools. Unless you start taking them seriously, you’ll never increase your followers or your influence. To that end, here’s what I recommend:

1) Focus on your niche.   What do you want to be known for? What is your area of expertise? Whatever it is, focus on that. Sure you can have fun in the process, but the vast majority of your Twitter, Facebook, or other posts shouldn’t be that you’re having a Latte at Starbucks, they should be about your niche. Share your expert knowledge with the world.

2) Drop the cheese.   Too many people drop a long line of cheesy quotes and lofty thoughts. They do a Twitter version of Kitty videos on YouTube. Inspire people, but think deeply. Don’t just grab the same old fluffy quotes and lofty thoughts. Give us some truth. The Old Testament leaders were prophetic. Be that kind of person today.

3) Let people know what it’s like to be you.   Give us a behind the scenes glimpse of what your life is like. Let us know what you struggle with, the questions you ask, the challenges you face, and the victories you experience. Social media is a remarkable chance to share your life in small bits. You could write a 300 page memoir, or tell us that story in 140 character posts. Either way – people want to know the authentic, real truth about your life. Tell us your story.

Get serious. More people than you can imagine want to hear about your life. Social media is a wonderful chance to share it.

Any other tips? What have you found that really connects with your followers?

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  1. Great advice Phil! Another thing that seems
    to connect with followers is photos… special life
    events, meaningful moments, funny images, vintage photos, etc. People seem to “like” photos because they give us a visual behind the scenes story of their life. That visual story helps us feel more connected to other’s life story, and good life stories have the potential and the power to influence followers.

  2. Hi Phil, I would add another point that many people miss, yet this point is so profoundly simple. Be social. Most leaders think that ‘social media’ is just another communications channel to get their story out. It’s not. It’s a two way social channel where by being on there you’ve given permission for people to connect with you and actually talk to you. The more you interact, the more people will actually see the real you.

    I could rattle on for ages about this….

    1. You make a great point Steve – every social action opens the door to a social reaction, thus a connection is made…. this is the best part of social media I think.

  3. All good points–and I’d also add BE CONSISTENT. I’d encourage finding one platform and sticking with it on a regular basis rather than having accounts on several platforms where you’re not active. A once-a-month tweet or occasional pin isn’t going to cut it! Add the app on your phone and have some FUN with the social part of it that keeps people engaged.

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