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How Much Time A Day Do You Spend With Technology?

How much time each day do you spend with technology?  By “technology” I mean watching video, listening to audio, working on the computer, engaging social media, video gaming, or online reading.  The answer may surprise you. New research from consulting firm Activate indicates that Americans are spending 11 hours a day with technology.

The fascinating aspect of the research indicates that with multi-tasking figured in, we essentially get 31 hours in the day. (Don’t get me started about how multi-tasking doesn’t work.)  And all that time isn’t scattered across all digital platforms.  The vast majority of that time is concentrated on just a few sources like Facebook and Pandora.

Variety Magazine reports that major brands are happy to just get seconds of your day. Vice, BuzzFeed, and Shazam attract 16, 36, and 19 seconds of people’s average time.

In the digital age, even a slice of consumer’s time is coveted by big companies.  I’m curious:  Where in the digital world do you spend the most time?

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  1. I think the question goes beyond how much time people spend on technology to how they use technology. Do they use it as a consumer, continually devouring other people’s ideas and content? Or do they use it as a creator — writing, posting, and promoting their original content? I spend very little time consuming other’s content and much time writing and disseminating my own.

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