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How Churches and Ministries Can Soften the Financial Blow of COVID-19

Whether COVID-19 ends relatively quickly or stays around for months, a significant price will be paid by churches, ministries, and nonprofit organizations. Having worked side by side with many of the best fundraising consultants in the country, and having helped so many organizations tell their stories during difficult times, I can tell you an important way to soften the financial blow ahead:

Keep telling the story of your mission and purpose. Show that during this virus, you’re still out there making a positive impact, and changing lives for the better. Show results.

This is not the time to ask for money directly. People are hurting and are growing more concerned about how long their finances will last. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there still passionate about your vision, and who want to help it be accomplished.

This is another reason why your communication and media team is so important right now. You should be telling your story on social media, email blasts, short videos, and on your live stream. Show people how their financial support is making a difference in your community.

In Los Angeles, our friends at Grace Hill Media have asked us to help them mobilize local churches to support The Salvation Army. Since local churches have been closed, they have plenty of extra toilet paper, unused cleaning supplies, and similar items. So let’s put that to good use and donate it to the important work of The Salvation Army. The photo above is the Salvation Army truck picking up supplies at Shepherd Church led by Pastor Dudley Rutherford. In fact, the project has been such a great example of churches coming together, the local NBC-TV station in here in Los Angeles has done a news story about the project.

What a great opportunity for those churches to share the impact of that ministry with their live stream audience, on social media, and on their website. That kind of story will remind those congregations that their church is still out there making an impact and why we need to continue our support.

This is not the time to hunker down and pull back. This is the time for the Church to fulfill its mission, and then share the results of that mission with the congregation, donors, and supporters.

Don’t stay the best kept secret in town. People want to know that you’re in the fight.

So let’s tell the story.

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