AP Reports Robert Schuller’s "Hour of Power" TV Program Continues to Struggle

The Associated Press reports that the Crystal Cathredal, founded by Robert H. Schuller Sr. is pulling its signature TV program “Hour of Power” from a significant number of stations and is taking other measures to offset a nearly $8 million drop in revenue.  “The Crystal Cathedral’s “Hour of Power,” which has aired for 40 years, will continue to appear on cable networks such as Lifetime and TBN, and on broadcast TV in markets including California, Colorado, Florida and Ohio,” said John Charles, director of development and public relations.  The report continues:

“That aging membership base, along with the bad economy, could be a big part of the Crystal Cathedral’s problem, said Richard Flory, a senior research associate for the Center for Religion & Civic Culture at the University of Southern California. The era of blockbuster televangelists is fading and viewership is declining even as the age of the average viewer creeps upward, he said.  “I can’t imagine anybody younger than 40 watching some sort of televangelist,” he said. “Younger people are worshipping in smaller venues. I think the megachurch is always going to appeal to groups of people, but the television piece of it, I just don’t see that as a growth market anymore.”

The AP says that the Hour of Power broadcast has been bleeding dollars and members for years.

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