The Pitfalls of Trying to Create a Successful Series Online

No one has figured out the economic entertainment model of the web yet – especially when it comes to dramatic series.  Trying to monetize high quality content – especially from a network TV or film perspective has alluded the big boys so far, as you can see by this interesting story.  However, I think that opens to the door so smaller players out there.  Can you do a dramatic series on a seriously limited budget?  Good acting?  Good writing?  If so, you might be in a position to make the digital world work for you.


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  1. Lisa Nova and Dax Flame on youtube are the type of stuff that could fly online and they do very successfully, that's what kind of programming you could afford to finance with advertising-reaching as many people as they do. Sketch and video blogs…while I watch little tv I do watch many youtube channels and dax and lisa nova are probably the two of the most well known online stars-a true dramatic series…I"m not sure if you could still find a way to afford that..

  2. I dont know about dramatic series but here is a look a what some friends of mine are doing with reality shows online. this was released a few weeks back and is being call the first ever reality show online. thought they did a pretty good job with it I dont know if we are ready for full length TV online yet maybe in a few years…. 


  3. I had posted this elsewhere but I thought it to be appropriate here. An interesting tool … related to tracking results at the current on-line video submission sites – which could potentially be “one” aspect to the money making equation. http://www.tubemogul.com/ Perhaps this is the Nielsen ratings service for on-line clips in the making … If I could prove to my funder/advertiser that my clips are generating so many thousands of views connecting eyeballs to ads in the clip, or a certain message a funder wanted to get out there, then maybe I could justify larger budgets for the production …. What is a view anyway? See this abstract, very interesting… http://www.tubemogul.com/research/video_views_study.php

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