Hollywood’s Most Powerful Christians?

Religious site Beliefnet has named what it believes are “Hollywood’s Most Powerful Christians.” Is making a list a good thing? I doubt it. Talk to most of the people on the list and you’ll find out they don’t really relish the attention. I think they feel they could do far more good working under the radar. What do you think?



  1. Better to be named Powerful rather than Arrogant, but couldn't they come up with an adjective that would be less likely to arouse disdain among non-Christians. Maybe Influential, or Admired. But I think you are right, better to forget making the list at all. What's the point? Promoting Beliefnet?

  2. I agree with Chris. When I read this article, I thought "powerful" was inappropriate because (just to be frank) I wouldn't define the majority of the folks on the list as "powerful" in Hollywood. Gibson and Washington, yes. Winter, maybe. The others are talented and successful and I admire them like crazy, but they aren't "powerful" by any stretch.

    Of course, they are all more powerful in Hollywood than I'll ever be.

    But should "powerful" and "Christian" be used in the same sentence? Seems counter-intuitive. I like "influential".


  3. I enjoyed looking over the list, which I came across on Fox News the other day. Oddly, we do live in a "list" society. You don't have to go too far to find out who's the most powerful women in Hollywood, or vegetarians, or homosexuals, or republicans, etc.  I imagine it is a little embarrassing for those on the list to be called out for their personal beliefs, but for people like me (who appreciate the works of several on the list), or for other casual observers in Hollywood, I think it's a good idea for faith believers to be shown in an influential and positive light.

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