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Is the Entertainment World Changing Its Attitude on Abortion?

More on the Juno conversation from a few posts ago. This article from World Magazine is a more in-depth look at how Hollywood may be changing its mind about “choice’ and how its showing up on the silver screen.  Mark Moring at Christianity Today posted a similar article.   Is this a significant development? Is it a good thing?

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  1. Prayer is an aspect that we cannot forget in the in terms of the change towards regarding human life in the conception stage of pregnancy and how Hollywood has now in their ‘own way’ now accepted the importance human life even as a ‘block of unformed cells’ (very soon they will act as if it has been their thing and not remember that the change was initiated from years of prayers of people and not their ‘wisdom/cleverness’ and the influencing unseen Presence of an Invisible Loving Heavenly Father).It is so amazing how much we as human beings are looking who to give credit too for this change of heart? Is it the church or is it Hollywood? We need to remember it is the Holy Spirit who is the change initiator (that is part of what He was sent to do here on earth) and then it is up to human being or a group of people to respond to it or ignore it but we cannot deny that the opportunity was not given. Prayer of the righteous is what makes difference.

  2. Only God can change hearts, Breaklight, but human beings can change minds through education. And the two things are often connected.

    For years, the abortion industry speciously argued that unborn children were undifferentiated lumps of "fetal tissue", but people got wise to their lies after seeing evidence such as the images from 3D ultrasound. Such evidence transcends religious beliefs or affiliations. We need to remember that, before we shoot ourselves in our collective feet (strategically speaking) by accepting the opposition's bogus premise to the effect that this is solely a religious issue. It isn't. Bernard Nathanson, a former abortionist of some renown, renounced abortion long before he converted from atheism to Catholicism. The scientific facts are on our side. The opposition is spitting into the wind.

    Prayer and education aren't mutually exclusive. We can do both, and we should. As for the question of whether the credit for positive developments should go to God or to us, I think that the answer is that we are in partnership with God. He works with us and through us to do His will here on earth.

    In any event, it's way too early to start thinking about who deserves credit for anything. When it comes to ending the horror of legal abortion, we have a long, long way to go.

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