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Have You Hit a Wall? Congratulations!

A friend of mine thought he was doing fine until doctors discovered he had developed cancer of the esophagus. His treatment and recovery forced him to leave his business and literally took him out of everything for more than four years. Thinking his career was over, he nearly gave up.  But hitting that wall jolted him, and the experience completely changed his perspective on life. As a result, he’s transformed his thinking about his purpose for living, and guess what?  

His cancer even went into remission and he’s back at work.

Whatever your wall — getting fired, losing your home, receiving the medical diagnosis you’ve dreaded, closing your business, bankruptcy, divorce, whatever—it doesn’t have to be the end. As terrible as the wall may be, you can overcome it if you use the moment to jolt you back to reality.

You have to face the fact that circumstances won’t change until you change. Family members won’t change until you change. Your job won’t change until you change. And your future will never change until you make a decision.

Embrace the wall. Let it help you focus your mind and face the real truth about your situation.  The big question is: Would you rather live your life with the pain of tough choices now or the pain of regret later?

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  1. I’d say a wall fell on your friend rather than he hit a wall, but after a certain point it’s just a matter of semantics, isn’t it?

  2. It’s true, realizing your own mortality does changes your perspective on life…. and time, purpose, meaning, your relationships, God, what’s important, what’s not and tons more. It fuels a fire of passion to find what your purpose is in life and life’s meaning. Your mortality or loss asks of you many questions about your life. You have to embrace the pain of mortality/loss to find the gifts … they exist in the dark but you have to look for them. You have to decide to make conscientious choices that are constructive and be intentional. Whether it’s hitting a wall, being broken or leveled, your perspective matters. Loss happens; how you respond to it will determine where you end up. I know… my life has mirrored Job’s life. Kinda an expert on this subject…. good perspective Phil.

  3. Love this: “Would you rather live your life with the pain of tough choices now or the pain of regret later?”. This has many applications. A good one for the mirror. 🙂

  4. This is so true, a few years back we lost everything through a business collapse. Although I had always heard the words…..the peace of God that goes beyond all understanding…… It was only when faced with such a huge wall that I really comprehended those words.

    Walls do provide an opportunity to really understand God, and all that he is about and has for us as his kids.

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