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Here are ways you can help spread the story of “Branding Faith” so that more religious organizations and non-profits can learn to share their story in today’s media driven culture. The rules for communicating in the 21st century have changed, and pastors, ministry, non-profit, and business leaders – need this information more than ever. Here’s how you can help:

1) Buy the book for a business, religious, or non-profit leader you know. We’ve had calls from organizations who want copies of the book for their entire leadership team and board of directors. Getting this information into their hands helps real change start at the top. Be a catalyst for change and get the book into as many hands as possible.

2) Share the story. If you have a website or blog, link to the Branding Faith page, talk about the ideas, add your insights, and review the book.

3) Email this information to your contacts. Find the people you know who would benefit, and let’s start a viral email campaign to tell the story. You can find video clips and information here.

4) I’m available to speak at pastor and leadership conferences, or on your local radio and TV stations. I’m crisscrossing the country speaking at conferences and events over the next few months.

5) Call your local bookstore and ask them to stock it.

6) Email your local newspaper and ask them to review it in their “Religion” or “Business” sections.

If we can create an army of people who believe that churches and non-profit organizations need to have a voice in today’s culture, then we can make a difference. “Branding Faith” is the manual that can change the conversation from confrontation to engagement. Thanks for your help in spreading the word.


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  1. Phil,
    I love the book you absolutely nailed it. As you know, I am a fan of your other books, but this one is great! I am praying that Pastors, ministry leaders and directors apply your principles. This book lays down the foundation to get it right. Pastors need to know who they are and where they are going, there is too much confusion in the body of Christ. Really, its no wonder we have 100 million lost unchurched unsaved out there, as Christians we don’t know who we are and where we are going. We confuse ourselves, but your book puts it out there to get it straight.

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