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Is It OK to Use Jesus As A Marketing Tool?

Selling products in the church isn’t anything new.  Books and Bibles, teaching resources, T-shirts, media programming and more, have been done for decades.  But here’s something new – HeartOMG – what appears to be a secular company using church images and ideology to sell fashion – rather skimpy products in some cases.  Take at look at the “Worship Crew” shirts, or the Third World relief work photos to advertise their clothing.  What do you think?  Is co-opting the work of the church to sell secular stuff going too far?  Should Christians be offended?  Or is it the end result of what the church has been doing for too long?  After all, some would say the church has been using similar tactics in an effort to be hip and relevant, so we shouldn’t criticize this.

What do you think?


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  1. The only thing that comes to my mind is – gimmick. It’s no worse than a secular artist singing about sex, drugs & rock-n-roll on stage while wearing a cross around their neck. Mixed messages, rebellion and negative attention will always be in style…. and so will gimmicks.

  2. I’m not ok with making little girls look sexy whether they are wearing church shirts or not. Problem is not the clothes, but depraved and broken humanity.

    Meanwhile, where can i pick up one of those ‘church rocks’ shirts in blue…?

  3. I am privileged to be in a worship band. I can honestly say that if I showed up wearing fishnets, short shorts and bare shoulders I would be sent packing. That would be the last time I ever set foot onto that stage. We dress to be relevant yes. Never immodest or sleazy. I am offended by this company’s pathetic ad campaign trying to sell clothes. It’s very pathetic.

  4. I felt a bit nervous as I looked at the OMG “collection” in the public space of a Starbucks; the leggy, bared-shoulder outfits and flirty poses (whether sashaying into a church building or lounging in some boudoir) sure don’t look like they’re “selling” me purity, virtue, or the things of the Holy Spirit… but then why did I even look at the “collection”?

  5. Jesus is a marketing tool to sell the Kingdom, and anyone using Him to sell less might get their table turned over (in the manner he demonstrated.)

    I’m not the judge to say it’s good or bad. The company claims its about “fun, fashion, faith, and love,” but you really can’t see into the heart to measure faith and love. The fun and fashion part is obvious.

    Personally, it doesn’t meet my standards for quality wardrobe for my kids, and the style doesn’t show a witness consistent to the Christian values we put in their hearts and minds.

    It seems in the wide-open world of marketing, using anything to sell something else seems necessary: If your message overcomes the interference of distraction and the dissonance of content, you’re golden if you make the sale. So, for them, it’s not going too far.

  6. I would love for my kids to wear some clothing that they feel is hip and fashionable while spreading the Word of God. However, it also needs to reflect the values that we teach otherwise it is not spreading the true image of God. This does not mean they have to wear granny gowns. But modesty with fashion is a key. There can be both. These images do not display that in the manner they wear the clothes or the image they are trying to portray. As the kids would say, “they are posers.”

  7. I remember the first “Christian t-shirt” that I owned. It was from a band called Believer and it read “Satan Sucks!” on the front and the “Get behind Me” Scripture on the back. Every time I used it, some people will look at me and ask me if I was a Christian. Great tool for the ministry. BUT the problem with this is, and probably you have seen it, the church is trying to model the world and because we see anything “Christian” and run to buy it, the world is taking advantage of us monetarily. If someone goes to the website, they will ook at the message of the picture and completely miss the whole picture as of it saying, “You can be HOT if you are a Christian and use our t-shirts.”

    We need to wake up and stop falling for the trap…


  8. Focus on Christ, then worry about outside appearance. Behavior will emphasize greatly what you wear.

    Being not of this world means whatever you are doing, there is something different about you, that people want to know about and you can tell them Christ is your reason for joy.

    Everything flows from your heart. So whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re wearing, is reflected by your hearts condition.

    A fantastic book on the subject of sexuality and appearance, specifically toward women is, “I’m no Angel” by Kylie, the x-Victoria Secret Angel.

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