Phil’s Interview on HCJB World Radio

Recently, I was interviewed by Eric Skattebo, the Host and Producer of World Radio based in Melbourne, Australia on the HCJB world radio network. The network reaches from Australia into Asia and you can find them on the web at hcjb.org. To hear the interview, for low speed dial-up connections, click here. For high speed connections – higher audio quality, click here.

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  1. Good radio show.  I think you did an effective job of passing along useful and inspiring information to those interested in Television and Film.

  2. Great interview, Phil. I was recently interviewed by a large ministry, and I’m struck by the need for broadening the scope of understanding. In general, there’s a bit of a puzzlement as to why we choose to work in an industry where our values don’t always harmonize. But like you said, if we step out of the arena, we forfeit the opportunities to make a difference. We may not necessarily “use our platform” to preach the Gospel, but how long would a mailman who is a Christian last on the job if along with his regular mail, also handed out Christian tracks? Or the barista at a Starbucks who felt compelled to preach with each latte? They would undoubtedly be fired, and look for work at a Christian company delivering mail, and serving coffee. No longer an influence where needed the most.

  3. Well said Tom. There’s no question that Christians who happen to work in the media have a lot more pressure from other believers to be more explicit in sharing the gospel through their work. We don’t expect that from “Christian” lawyers, plumbers, or insurance salesmen. Certainly we look for every opportunity, but I think our greatest opportunity is simply to be really good at what we do, live with integrity, and be ready to share the reason that makes us different…

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