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Maggie Cooke: 2003-2010

This past week, Kathleen and I went on a “road trip” – something we haven’t done since college.  I’ll write about the trip tomorrow, but the sad news was that as we were driving home, our housesitter called to tell us that our dog Maggie had died in the night.  We don’t know what it was, especially since she was only seven.  It always sounds weird for a grown person to be blubbering about their dog, but Maggie certainly was special.  Not the smartest dog by any means, but possibly the most loving.  She was the company dog at Cooke Media Group, (see the bottom of the page), and if you’ve ever been to our office, you’ve met her, and probably wiped her hair off your pants in the process.  At home, neighbors who don’t know our name, know Maggie.  Today was the first day we woke up in the house without her, and it was tough.  Maggie will be missed.


  1. Te queremos mucho Maggie. You will be missed.
    I met her twice at your place, she was a happy dog full of enerygy.

  2. My husband and I went away over night and came home to our red poodle Kodi sick and over night he died. He was only six. My sweet husband went out the next day and bought me my little princess Dote who is a chichi. Sorry for your loss. They still your heart!

  3. How interesting I was divinely lead to your web site-tonight. My wonderful dog Jessie, a rescue pet, also passed a month ago. She was 11 yrs old. We all connect with you & your family with this sad incident. One thing that’s been healing for me is, when I finally could do this, is when I would leave my house, I would tell Jessie to hold down the fort and protect it while I’m away. Even though they’ve crossed over, I truly believe they still come to visit. This is comforting for me since I’m a single parent. Love doesn’t EVER die, longing to be near your loved ones NEVER goes away. There’s a special bond between a person/family and their pet. I personally choose to acknowledge my pet as one of my “special protectors”. We are not emotionally wired to say goodbye in a permanent way. (By the way, my son, Alex, passed in 2003, age 22). He’s made his presence known a few times, and, once again, there’s a special healing that takes place knowing they exist in spirit form. God is Great! He will show you special ways to balance out the saddness. Give it time, emotions take time to process. Shalom & Blessings. Linda-Atlanta

  4. Phil, so sorry to read this news. Dogs are definitely angels here on earth, have learned so much about love and patience and forgiveness and joy from my four legged friends. And I think they go right to heaven, so she’ll be waiting for you. Keeping your family in my prayers.
  5. My heart is breaking – magnificent Maggie is gone?? As you know, she was my bedmate and my constant companion whenever I would visit and stay with you and Kathleen – and during those times when you were out of town (and I was IN town), she became my doggie “fix,” as I missed my own Digby back home. Maggie was definitely an “ADD” dog (as Kathleen described her so aptly) but it was only fitting since her owner is ADD, as well! Pets are our children with fur, and their loss is as keenly felt as that of a member of the family…my heart and my best wishes go out to you, Kathleen and the girls. My next visit to your home just won’t be the same…

  6. My prayers are with you and your family in the loss of Maggie.
    Thanks for sharing this news with all of us.
    I blogged about this subject in January.
    Maybe we can all make grieving the loss of a pet, a normal adult response, acceptable, and expected.
    I didn’t know you, Maggie, but I miss you, too.

  7. So sorry to hear about that. Dogs really are part of the family.

    Our dog Teddy is so much a part of ours that my wife changed her career because of him. She was a physical therapist who loved her work until our dog started limping around and no vet could tell her what was going on with him. They just tried to go give him pills to “fix” his limp. Huh? That doesn’t work most of the time on humans, why would dogs, who can’t communicate, be any different.

    She got so frustrated with the vets that she decided to do more research. She stumbled upon one of the two schools in the country that provide certifications in canine rehabilitation. She graduated a couple years ago and opened up a canine physical therapy business in conjunction with a local vet. She’s the only one in town and the business is steadily growing. People love their dogs!

    How’s that for a dog changing your life. Check out http://hydropaws.com/


  8. She was a gentle creature. I liked the way she would meet you at the door with a toy in her mouth. I’ve always wondered if creatures like Maggie are included in the “least of these” that Christ talks about in Matt. 25. I hope so.

  9. Kathleen and Phil,
    I am so sorry to hear about Maggie. I am so glad I got to meet her when we visited your offices late last year. I know how big a part dogs play in the lives of those who love them. You will be in my prayers. Our dear friend, Spot, went to sleep on Jesus’ bed in July of 2009. He had been a part of our family for many years. But I would never trade the ache of loss for the fullness of joy he brought to us.
    May the joy Maggie brought you echo in your memories and bring a smile to your lips in the times to come.

  10. Maggie was a great dog Phil, I remember her well. Had to be hard news to hear on a road trip. It’s amazing how a dog grabs hold of your heart.

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