Great Ideas Don’t Happen Without Controversy

Trust me on this – in the vast majority of cases, the minute you come up with a great idea, someone will try to shoot it down. Maybe it’s a “devil’s advocate” who tries to look like a hero for punching holes in your concept. Or maybe it’s just a jerk who realizes that the only way to get noticed is to criticize someone else’s idea. Either way – if your idea is really good, it will upset someone (or a lot of someone’s.)

So get ready. If you’re going to live a creative life, you’d better get used to upsetting people. It comes with the territory. Even after helping do some remarkable things for our clients, I’ve had entire departments of organizations try to get rid of me.

So my advice? Don’t just be creative. Be provocative and do it from the start. Look for ideas that upset the status quo. Ideas that shake people out of the rut. Ideas that change lives.

Because ideas that don’t create at least a few enemies, are rarely good ideas at all.

Tell me about your great ideas that created enemies…

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  1. By the second paragraph, I had a huge grin on my face. =) How funny it is that this happens on a regular basis, but such is life. The tasks that God asks us to do aren’t always easy…so if we look to the “world” and the people in it for their “advice” then we may never get the work that God has for us accomplished. Good thing the best ideas come from Him and they will happen regardless of the naysayers.

    I’ve just started reading your blogs and I love them. Thank you for your words of wisdom. It truly helps the creative christian broadcasters of the future, like me, get a real feel for what’s to come.

    God bless!


  2. One of the most ‘blasphemous’ statements I have made is suggesting that people be given the authority to carry out what they will be held responsible for.

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