What Would Jesus Drink?

Phil Haroz, an Israeli-born, but Georgia-based wine importer is pitching wine to American Christians. (Not that I needed a pitch). Grapes of Galilee wines are being advertised in religious publications across the country with the sales line: “Grown by the Sea of Galilee and watered by the Jordan River.” Who knows? Maybe this will finally kill the myth about early Christians drinking grape juice. On the other hand, it looks an awfully lot like “Jesus Junk” to me…

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  1. Oh, Boy! This should be fun to watch this one play-out. Sure, It's kind-a gimmicky. How about celestial cigars. WooHoo. Honestly, they're probably not marketing to people who actually enjoy wine. oh, well. This too shall pass.Too bad – this could've been a perfect youth group fundraiser 🙂 "Honey!!… Johnny's at the door, he's selling wine for the school missions trip." Yep, Abandon the bake-sale.

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