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Big Brother Update: Traffic Cameras

Britain now has the most sophisticated traffic surveillance system in the world. British police now say they can monitor every car trip in the U.K. and keep a record for 5 years.  Networked with license plate and face recognition software, the information will be incorporated into a database to connect all kinds of personal information and camera observations so the government now knows
what, when, and where you’re doing anything.

Never in America you say?  Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts is moving ahead with mandatory GPS devices in cars would be read at gas pumps and automatically charge drivers based on miles driven.  Along with financial, phone, and other records, this would create quite a database to monitor our activities.

By the way – if you think yellow lights are there as a caution, think again.  The Rocky Mountain News found that Denver was shortening the length of yellow lights to increase the number of tickets – thus increasing the money in city coffers.  After a state law adding a second to yellow lights made them unprofitable, Georgia cancelled their contract for stop light cameras.

It’s always good to know how our government is looking out for us….

Source:  The Wall Street Journal

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  1. The only thing that comforts me in this is that beauracray will slow it down so much that my kids won’t have to worry about it. 🙂

    And the "ticketing to increase funds" tactic is just another example of "trickle down taxing." When recession hits something high up, the cost is made up from down below: when big corporations get taxes more, it’s not the execs that take the hit – no, people get laid off, quality goes down, jobs are moved overseas, etc.

  2. As much as I hate to say it, it’s only a matter of time until the US incorporates this. Well, at least it’s only a matter of time until they go public about it.

    I always think of Google. If they don’t already have close ties with the government, I’m sure they will soon. Google might as well be synonymous with information. Today it’s not too difficult to track someone’s cyber footsteps, Google just centralizes it all.

    I love Google and use their services daily, but it is somewhat unsettling thinking about the amount of info that they have. From Google Latitude, to Google Web History (if it’s enabled and I’m signed in), to Gmail and it’s ability to aggregate all your other emails accounts. I really started thinking then Google acquired GrandCentral and rolled out the new features. Being able to have a transcript emailed to me of any voicemails and having the option to record a call on the fly. Google has a lot of info that could be searched easiliy, and I doubt they’d stand up to the government if they were to request info.

    I guess it’s all good now because I don’t have anything to hide, but what happens if the government starts encroaching on my rights and freedoms? I guess until then, most people will remain apathetic about it.

  3. I look at things like this as just another sign of the end times. Many things HAVE to happen to fulfill end time prophecy, and the government being able to track where people are is just one in a long list.

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