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Should the Government Take Over the Internet too?

It seems there’s really no end to the industries Washington wants to run.  Today, the Wall Street Journal reports that:  “A federal appeals court ruled last month that the Federal Communications Commission lacks the authority to regulate the Internet. No worries, mate. This week the Obama Administration chose to “reclassify” the Internet so it can regulate the Web anyway. This crowd is nothing if not
legally creative.”

I’d encourage you to read the entire article.  The question is, after autos, health care, energy, and Wall Street, do we want to government controlling the web?  In the past 5 years, companies have invested $576 billion in communications eqiupment and structures.  But will they want to continue investing in something wide open to political meddling?

It’s a valid question.  What do you think?


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  1. To silence criticism and free speach, any would-be dictator must first control the media.  His efforts to reinstate the “Fairness Doctrine,” and now this (taking control of the net), could all be a part of a much bigger plan.  It never ceases to amaze me how our freedoms, freedoms that our soldiers fought & died for, can all be removed with the stroke of a pen.

    Before you say I’m paranoid, tell me this…. Why has Obama appointed over 30 Czars to do the work that Congress should be doing?  Keep in mind that these “Czars,” appointed by Obama without congressional consent, answer to no one BUT Obama.  Our forefathers created this nation with three branches of government.  But now, it seems, Obama has created a fourth.

  2. Ironic.


    If one adequately remembers history, the popularity of the Internet came about….

    through deregulation of the phone company and the splitting of Bell into the seperate companies and AT@T into the long distance portion. If that had never happened, then we would have never seen broadband come into fruition (the cable companies would have been shut out) because the phone company would have had such a stranglehold that we would today be paying 40.00 a month for 56K dialup.

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