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If Your Organization Went Out of Business Tomorrow, Would Anyone Care?

Does your non-profit, church, or ministry provide such a unique experience that your congregation or supporters would be upset if it didn’t exist?  Does your church or non-profit treat its employees so incredibly well that those workers would not be able to find another employer to treat them that well?  Does your church or organization create such compelling emotional connections in your community or support base that they would fail to find another organization that would forge just as strong an emotional and spiritual bond?

Is the ministry or humanitarian work you’re doing so effective and making such a difference that the world would be worse off if that work would stop?  Have you impacted so many people that it’s tough to go a week without someone remarking how much your organization has meant to their lives?

Just wondering…

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  1. I would hope that while I might be missed that the legacy would live on.  I do church media and I've helped dozens of churches by helping them purchase projctors, computers, software, and develop websites.  I almost always turn things over to someone in the local church and move on.

    If my organizaion ceased to exsist, the groups I've worked with would still be around.

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