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Godinterest: The “Christian” Version of Pinterest?

Do we really need Godinterest?  Another Christian version of a successful idea?  (Right down to the font style of the logo).  When will we start creating instead of simply ripping off the world?   I find it fascinating that God chose to introduce Himself to us in the first verse of the Bible as a “Creator.”  We’re made in His image, and yet we refuse to embrace that calling.  Let me know what you think, because I believe it’s high time we started leading the culture instead of doing a poor imitation.


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    1. Legal questions aside, brand parodies (like T-shirts) *can* be a fun gimmick to draw attention.

      Rebuilding an entire platform, though, suggests that the original was somehow bad or in need of reformation.

      1. How about getting in to fix it rather than making a boxed up self-righteous glorified, anti-worldly version? God didnt create a new world rather He sent His only son with a perfect record to fix the sinful platform.

  1. The world would have been a better place if Christians had less separatist “circular” tagging attitude to things.

    For a minute i believed that this gesture must have been from a poor interpretation of “separate your selves” and more like assuming that taking a shower had more to do with dancing naked under a dry shower than actual being cleansed with water.

    Christians seem to be chasing after the mode of identification rather than looking at Christ-like functionality. What truly should be the right mode for identifying a Jesus fan? Jesus said “by these shall all men know that you are my disciples IF you have love for one another” Love is the greatest ID and it is rather felt than heard! not in mere nomenclature of a thing but of the expression purpose; of those who are Christians…

    On a close at the ID called love, It is acceptable to allude that if a loving Christian were to have created the original twitter his love for the souls of it’s users would make him restrict the flow of porn. The love of another movie producer would lead to the reduction in violence and hatred ridden videos which would instead teach viewers how to love. Now please take note here that love in this immediate perspective is presented as an ingredient and a stimulant and not a by product.

    Another point where today’s church missed it was in Mark 16:15 where Jesus said “go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature….
    We need to break down the process
    >> identify the worlds… Business world, IT world, Entertainment world, Academic world…
    >>> go into that world, its pretty friendlier than we think, when we sort the world in this view and quit nagging about the PRODUCTS of such worlds. Videos are mere products from a world called entertainment industry (or world) we should be concerned about the world which is the source- where the videos come from rather than the videos. We should be concerned about improving the quality of teacher-student relationships rather than sermonizing about forgery and related malpractices.

    >>> Go into all the world… haven identified that IT is a world, it would be easier to know how to go into it, and its easier the Jesus way, He was born like every other human, so get enlisted, recruited elected, admitted like every one else in that world, live among them then>>>

    >>> so as to disciple them. Discipleship goes beyond reading out the literature during a weekly scheduled meeting called discipleship class. When i grew up, i noticed how many of the singers sang their r&bs alike and it was not long that i discovered how they had at some point or the other lived with the people they sang like and in many cases they even copied their mannerisms. Discipleship is more like a parrot who speaks like its owner and yet the owner never said to it “please speak this way.” Dont spend all the time telling the world what to say but teach them how to speak by showing them why… that way no matter what words or language they may find, they would always respond correctly. Be there when they go through the first storm, let them watch you help the sick daughter of a hateful military officer, let them watch you explain business success tips to a mean tax collector… let them watch you provide additional soda at your neighbors birthday party… let them know how you console a mother who just lost her only child. And see if they wont come to you in secret for biblical exposition. It is not in all cases that we have to come at some engineers as “church pastor” with our ties and bibles to present to them a “Jesus-soft windows” or a ChristShiba TV set… to them sometimes we are better come growing among them with the ingredient called love. Stop complaining about the finished products be a part of the right ingredient.

  2. I can’t take this idea or site seriously. I don’t see the point of it either. It positions Christianity as sub-culture just as many others have done in the last 4 decades.

  3. Sorry Phil but one of the highest compliments one can pay to another is to imitate them. We are not called to be Creators or creative. We are called to be Imitators, though. We know that there is nothing new under the sun. What may seem to be new to us or someone else is old hat to others. We are to imitate God, Christ, the apostle Paul, etc. we are not called to re-invent the wheel, or build towers to try to reach Heaven.

    1. So Fred, doesn’t that make you a hypocrite for getting your recent book copyrighted?
      And I assume that means you’d let anyone just copy it word for word and slap their name on it?

      1. I guess it could. I actually struggled with that, like what is yours and what is someone else’s? I learned a lot from other people, you included, so when does what we know become us?

        As far as the book goes I didn’t think your post was talking about that. I thought it was talking about being original.

          1. I gave credit where credit was do; I would like to think most of it is original, but is anything really original?

            Other people inspire us, right? Motivate us to worthy endeavours. I know we are unique but possibly only to this generation.

          2. Your responses have revealed that perhaps I need to write a post about doing original work. God is the ultimate Creator and we’re made in His image. We’re not destined to rip others off. Solomon didn’t copy some other temple to build his – he found the most gifted artists in the land and created something amazing. I believe we should use that as a guide.

          3. Somewhere in my book i stated that what I was teaching in this book was nothing new, yet could be new to its readers. Does that make sense. For example I quote E.W. Bullinger as the “original” (as far as I know) Dispensationalist. I used what he taught to his generation, expanded it with my own understanding and am now teaching it to this generation. It may seem original to this generation because they’ve never been exposed to it. My argument may seem kind of out there but hopefully you understand.

  4. Totally agree Phil. Christians building their ghetto with their own bare hands. Not just lame, it’s dangerous. Makes us just another color in the rainbow coalition.

  5. Oh please no! While we’re on the subject of ripping off the world, I also dislike when someone takes a secular song, and changes a few words to make it about Jesus. (Think Neil Diamond and the Christian version, “Sweet Lord of Mine” (bah bah bah!)

  6. I agree with you. One of the things I really like about Pinterest is because it tends to give a snapshot of a whole person. Too often our faith is “segmented,” not wholistic to our being, or interactive with others. I have gotten great Christian content from those I have interacted with on Pinterest, but also great non-christian information as well. Life has progressed beyond the ability to isolate, so we need to learn how to navigate and engage. It amazes me how often creative people are marginalized within a church. Perhaps if we we embraced instead of shunning them, more of God’s creative energy would be manifested in everyday life . . . and we would influence popular culture, not vice-versa.

  7. Thanks for sharing. Just registered. Phil this conversation shows how little you know about what is and what is not classed as copyright. Look closely and you’ll see real differences. Look at the code and its a completely different site. Oh, and there just happens to be over 2000 sites around the web with the same layout oops. Pinterest certainly was not the first with this concept, but the most popular I would have to agree. However interesting discussion all the same. Also wondering if you are indeed a Christian as the tone and nature of some of the comments found here would indicate a spirit not of God.

    1. With the name “Godinterest?” Surely we can be more creative. How exactly does copying the world make our witness stronger? And if my reaction to it puts my salvation in doubt, we must not worship a very powerful God… 🙂

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