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A Visit to the UK with God-TV

I’ve been in meetings this week with the team at God-TV, a Christian TV network based in the United Kingdom. They began in the North part of the country, and although they keep a production center there, now their creative nexus is in Plymouth, on the coast in Southwestern Britain.

God TV has numerous global satellite feeds, which they uplink from their international broadcast center in Jerusalem. Currently, they’re only available in the United States on a couple of individual stations, plus nationally, on the Direct-TV platform. Their plans include further expansion into America soon.

My main fascination with the creation of God TV is that it’s one of the few international TV networks not based in the United States. 90% or more of their global coverage is outside of the United States, and as such, they are answering the Great Commission. Certainly, the financial response would be far better in the U.S., but the vast majority of their audience runs from Europe, to Asia, Africa, and South America.

Secondly, unlike most U.S. based Christian networks, the founders came not from ministry backgrounds, but from creative backgrounds. With experience in advertising and TV production, the branding, look, and feel of the network is of paramount importance.

Third, they’ve assembled a remarkable production team.  From a global perspective, the creative, programming, and production talent is very good.

If you can get the network on Direct TV, I would encourage you to check it out. Their focus on “event” programming – conferences, music, concerts, and more is very different from typical programming, and their goal is to create a different religious TV experience. Here’s to their success, because creating a different religious TV experience is something we all could benefit from…

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  1. There is also UCB TV who are very unique in that they never raise any funds on air! Then there is Revelation TV – great topics and live debates. In a way I’m happy God did not let me come to the US to study film & TV but rather chose to place in me Europe where you will be challenged and forced to dig deep (for real gold) and be excellent or you just won’t be heard Christian or not, so far I love the experience here! God TV started off great but the American thing is getting in the way of things especially in terms of overemphasis of money “prosperity” as a measure of one’s faith. The Lord help us to discover that truth is a Person not a thing nor is it measured by tangible things as standard.

  2. Phil, maybe Wendy & Alec's background – production, creativity, advertising – portends a future where leaders don't go to Bible school, but to film school, art college or take studies in communications & advertising. The medium and methods are just as important now as the message in a media savvy world. God bless them in that their programming isn't the typical preacher with a microphone behind a pulpit speaking to an audience with cameras run by volunteers. Ouch. (On DirecTv, God Tv is on channel 365.)

  3. I think Phil’s point of creating a different religious tv experience is a good one. Gone are the days of noisy telethons, endless preaching programs and trips to jerusalem with celebrity preachers. Well, with God tv, maybe not.  

  4. Perhaps if they mine the major film schools in the US for interns, they'll generate a substantial base of very promising young talent. that might infuze a huge amount of their generation's perspective and language into the programming. That would also be the impetus for a whole new wave of great programming. And…they should definately consider doing lots of focus groups. Hey, the more info they get, the better. I am very happy that they're around, doing what they're doing. And going in a great direction. 

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