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The Little Movie That Could

Alex Kendrick’s movie “Facing The Giants” was made completely by his local church in Georgia. With a volunteer crew and very little money, they made a feature film that was picked up by Sony. You may have seen my blog a couple of weeks ago about it getting a “PG” rating because the movie ratings board felt the need to “warn” parents about the film exposing their children to Christianity. (Which has somewhat scary implications for faith based media producers down the road).

But the Los Angeles Times has picked up the story and has written a very interesting article about Alex and the team that created the film. Read this – it will inspire you, and remind you that if you have a God-given dream, very little can hold you back. If a church in Georgia can produce a feature film that a major Hollywood studio picks up, what can you do?

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  1. If nothing else, it’s generated a lot of publicity for the movie. But’s a definite example of the fact that we’re in a “post-Christian” culture. The support that the faith used to have in society just isn’t there anymore…

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