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Thomas Nelson and Zondervan Publishers Sued for “Anti-Gay” References in Bibles

Newmax reports that a Michigan man is seeking $70 million from two Christian publishers for emotional distress and mental instability he received during the past 20 years from versions of the Bible that refer to homosexuality as a sin.  Bradley LaShawn Fowler, a gay man, claims his constitutional rights were infringed upon by Zondervan Publishing Co. and Thomas Nelson Publishing, both of which, he claims, deliberately caused homosexuals to suffer by misinterpretation of the Bible. Fowler, 39, is seeking $60 million from Zondervan and another $10 million from Thomas Nelson.



  1.  This is only the beginning of the law suits by the homosexual community.

    Phil, what will you do when the ad agencies contact your company to produce homosexual ads? What do people in the entertainment industry do about this? We are already seeing an increase in homosexual print and commercial auditions in which we have had to turn down.

    What do churches do when a homosexual couple, who is legally married, want to become partners of the church and want to sue the church if the pastor speaks against homosexuality? 

    What do Christian organizations, do when they hire someone as an account rep and then find out they are married to the same sex?  

    Just some things to think about… Do we become activists or do we embrace the lifestyle. I love the people but can't except the lifestyle so I guess I will have to become an activist. I believe it's possible to be an activist/apologist and still walk in love.

    Some of the fringe "Emergent Church" movements have excepted any lifestyle or religion all in the name of love. This is extremely frightening to me!  

  2. The gay ads are already starting… Gay tourism is a $64.5 billion market in the United States, the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association estimates, and more than 75 cities around the world.

    Intersting article…Gay tourism ad causes uproar in S. Carolina.


    Does anyone have any suggestions what we as Christians can do about this?    

  3. I think Zondervan and Thomas Nelson (and anyone else for that matter) should stick to what they believe, and not be pompous about it, but confident. If they believe that the gay lifestyle is not God-inspired (to put it kindly) then they should intelligently participate in what's sure to be a heated debate. (A much needed debate!) But they shouldn't avoid the subject in pusuit of better sales. As far as branding, how does this situation work, Phil?  

  4. Are you kidding me! Wow. This is happening now! I was recently at the NRB Church Media Commitee meeting in Nashville and Dr. Frank Wright(NRB President) spoke about some of these situations popping up after Fairness Doctrine and Hate Crimes Legislation passed. He said we were 6 months away. After his speech I cornered him and asked him, why 6 months. He said this is when Barack Hussein Obama would be elected.

     Jeanette, I am praying everyday for McCain to get out there and get into the minds of our youth and get some of the middle ground voters. You are asking what can you do? My answer Pray and start campaigning for McCain. I agree with Dr Wright if Obama is elected these kind of situations are going to keep coming up and blowing our minds with stupid things people will come up with.

     I am obviously not a lawyer, I don't think they have any ground to stand on, at the present time. However if fairness doctrine and hate crimes speech passes this kind of stupidity will run rampid

  5. Just one add-on. If you find a great recipe for mac-and-cheese, you cannot then sue the publisher of Betty Crocker cookbooks for 20 years of feeling bad because you're lactose-intolerant. Right? (OK, harsh, but true!)

  6. It seems like putting God on trial. I surely hope this one doesn't make it through the litigation process. Anybody can file a suit. Not everybody can follow it through to a meaningful (or just) end. 

    I think it is helpful to remember that the world's version of truth is much different than the real Truth that Christians abide by. It still doesn't make me feel any better about situations like this, but it helps with my perspective. 

  7. I was greatly "disturbed" when Star Trek great, George Taki came out of the closet.  What was the appropriate reaction?

    The bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin.  But it also says adultry is a sin, sex outside of marriage is a sin, and a multitude of other things that people do every day.

    Do we boycot those people, stalk and beat them?  No, we try to reach out to them in a loving manner.  So why should be do any different for the homosexual?

    Having said that, I still love you George.  I'll still see your movies, but I will pray a bit harder for you now.

  8. It's about policies being changed to fit a homosexual lifestyle. Pastors and other religious organizations are getting sued for calling it sin. Christians are beginning to lose their freedom of speech! If someone was caught in immoral sin or adultry, would they sue the church for calling it sin? Just a thought…

  9. An anti-Christ proves there is a Christ to be against. It is good these things are happening, maybe we as Christians will take what God our Father says a little bit more seriously and start investing our lives on pleasing Him and not trying to impress the world around us and downplaying our faith just to win their attention of unsaved people who really need to hear and see the Truth in our lives. One thing I have observed in the Western Culture (which unfortunately has pervaded literally every fabric of society) is it’s insatiable equation of valuing a person’s life based on their material possessions especially their financial asset base and thereby judging that as a sole/prerequisite or primary sign of success. In my research on fatherhood, there was a very funny observation made by the sociologists, gangs were often run by fatherless boys/men who prided themselves by the amount of material and financial aquisitions they had come into mainly by drugs and extortion. In relation to this they saw the same trend in Corporate America and UK – and my observation to this was the fact the human race has replaced the intangible Heavenly Father’s love it so desparately needs and has substituted it with tangible, and temporal riches which is fast losing its value. It beggars belief that such actions taken up by this man is towards the Christian faith and not any other religious system. I guess we know who his real ‘father’ is bearing the fact that the Muslim faith is very anti-gay. The biggest observation discovered on successful fathers was not the amount of money they spent on their children but first and foremost the amount of time they had with their children – maybe that is why Jesus spent a lot of time with His Father before anyone else. I think we can learn from that and do it ourselves.

  10. We don't see adulterers throwing tantrums and insisting their behavior is not sinful.  This in spite of the fact that Sociobiology could gin up some pretty strong evidence that their behavior results from an innate, natural urge.

    Why are homosexuals so aggressive in their pursuit of approval? 

  11. Homosexuality is a heavy topic today. Most Christians think that it is a taboo topic and don't want it to be brought up much less discussed. There is so much to say on this topic I do not even know where to begin. 

    The homosexual agenda was described by Sally Kern, State Representative from Oklahoma, as internal terrorism. I believe that she is right on. According to the center for disease control the risk of anal cancer increases by 4000% in gay men and 8000% in gay men with HIV. If the chances of dying by way of airplane crashes or car accidents or terrorism increased by 4000% or 8000% we would see laws put in force that would protect us from it. But when it comes to homosexuality we will let them continue in this lifestyle.

    Carl Zimmerman in 1947 wrote a book called "Family and Civilization". In this book he noted 8 patterns of behavior that signaled a down fall of a civilization. Here they are:

    1. The Breakdown of Marriage and Rise of Divorce

    2. The Loss of the Traditional Meaning of the Marriage Ceremony

    3. The Rise of Feminism

    4. Increased Public Disrespect for Parents and Authority in General

    5. Acceleration of Juvenile Delixquency, Promiscuity and Rebellion

    6. Refusal of People with Traditional Marriages to Accept Their Family Responsibilities

    7. A Growing Desire for and Acceptance of Adultery

    8. Increasing Interest in and Spread of Homosexuality and Sex Related Crimes

    These are given in the order they occur in a civilization. After the eight point occurs historically that nation has fallen. 

    Beyond the fact that homosexuality is destroying our culture it is destroying Christianity as we now know it. While I believe that most of American Christianity is based on a godless culture than it is the Word of God, I believe we must stand for the faith. Let me qualify what I just said. Christians today as somebody already pointed out are interested in blending in rather than standing out. We base what we believe off of people like Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura and Opera who say things like you are really a good person. We then go around telling people that they are a good person even though the Bible says that they are sinners and can do no good apart from Christ. Do you see what I am saying?

    Homosexuality is so bad because it defiles to the worst extent the Picture of Christ and the Church. In Ephesians 5 marriage between a man and woman with the man being the head of the house and the wife submissive to the husband is a picture of the church who is the bride of Christ being submissive to Christ who is the head. Homosexuality defiles this picture and makes God look like a homosexual. 

    Dr. Spong (who is a homosexual) stated that the Word of God is not the Bible but what you take away from the Bible when you read it is the Word of God. This statement demonstrates to us the very purpose of the Homosexual agenda. 2 Timothy 3:16 says that all scripture is given by inspiration of God; this means that it is the Word of God. By suing Thomas Nelson and Zondervan the homosexual agenda moves on. It continues to undermine the authority of the Word of God – The Bible. But we can rest assure that the Word of the Lord will last forever. 

    How do we respond? We respond with the Love of God. I Corinthians 6:9-11 includes homosexuality with stealing and other sins. Yes homosexuality is very bad but is a sin like any other sin. We were sinners on our way to hell because we told a lie and stole a cookie. They are on their way to hell for lying, stealing and homosexuality. We try to make homosexuality out to be the unforgivable sin and it is not. God can forgive men of sin but they must repent and turn from it. We must show homosexuals that they are going to hell because they are sinners and have broken the Ten Commandments. They are going to hell regardless of their sexual orientation.

    If you have any questions on how to share the gospel with them check out http://wayofthemaster.com/


  12. My opinion? Because it is not about people operating in homosexuality; it about the enemy's attack against every facet of God's amazing design. I have to remind myself of this so I don't start attacking people. We wrestle against powers and principalities. Everything else on the natural level is a smokescreen to make us forget to take a stand with the spiritual authority we have in the name of JESUS. By and large, the church's attitude towards people acting out homosexuality has been hostile, fearful and condemning. If we are to take a strong stand against the obvious sin, than I think we must take an even stronger stand, in contrast, to love the person. It's not about 'being right' it's about bringing Truth and Life to hurting people.

  13. With all due respect Michael, Sodom and Gomorrah didn't happen because of lying and stealing. The operative passage is Genesis 19:5.

    The Lord destroyed them because they were evil, and their followers of today are repeating their sins. The fact that they have been able to enter their suit into the judicial system is another sign of the corruption of the system.

  14. Does this now mean that Christians can, in turn, sue gay publications that print disparaging articles about Christianity?  These folks need to understand that this can work both ways.

    Yes, adultery and fornication are sins, too, but it seems to be those promoting the homosexual lifestyle who have an agenda to force society to legitimize their sin.  Because some in the Church have been largely afraid of "offending" gay people, they have failed to preach the truth boldly to them about the end result of their sin.  If we truly love them in Christ, then we need to continue to let them know that their failure to repent will send them to hell. I realize that the topic of hell is another one that many Christians shy away from, out of fear of scaring away the unsaved, but it is a spiritual reality.  If we keep failing to preach about it, we will be accountable for a lot of people being lost.

    We not only need to pray for the people being sued in this situation, but we need to begin to stand up to the bullying techniques being practiced by the homosexual community.  Had we been doing so in the past two decades, perhaps gay marriage would never have gained ground.

  15. God was acting like a surgeon, removing a Cancer. Transmission of your own excrement into your own mouth by way of a lover is a sin because it is unhealthy, much like the transmission of AIDS and other forms of death and disease.

    Gluttony, judgementalism in relation to Eternal damnation, condemnation, guilt-casting, thievery, etc., etc., are also sins because they are a danger to God's children.

    Deceived children who were totally in league with the enemy, before Jesus, were a Cancer and needed to be removed for the sake of the vast majority. They were held in a place where Jesus went after His crucifixion and offered the truth and the Eternal love option.

    Since Jesus, these children have the option to realize their path is destructive and they have a wonderful option: Jesus and everlasting life with THE God who truly loves them.

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