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Freelancer or Full Time Employee? Which One Is Right for You?

I know a television producer who has spent most of his career working as a full time network employee. He’s very talented, and a few years ago, decided he should go out on his own and become a freelance producer. He lasted about 6 months. Once he starting working outside the studio, he started to miss having a large staff, a couple of assistants, office equipment, and the clout of a big company behind him. He struggled mightily with working on his own, doing it on the cheap, and flying by the seat of his pants.

Me? I’m the opposite. If I had to work for a full time company, I’d jump out of a window. I don’t mind a tiny office, fewer resources, and a smaller staff. I’ll trade that any day for more freedom, picking my own team, and controlling my own destiny.

The point isn’t that one approach is better than the other. The point is you’ll never do your best work until you figure out which side you’re on. The freelance life looks fun and romantic but if you’re not cut out for it, don’t make the mistake of leaving a big company. Likewise, there’s more stability in a big company, but if you’re not used to the structured life, you’ll be miserable.

Figure it out. Value it. Understand who you are. Your future self will thank you.

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  1. I think for one to go an extra mile they have to get out of their comfort zone and discover their One Big Thing.Hence as for me i have got to that point were i have actually discovered my calling and purpose so in other words for me to work for a full time company is a comfort zone because i have a vision burning inside of me which requires me to dig deeper and soar higher.That’s why i am a freelancer and i’m loving it!

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