The Inconvenient Truth about Fox News?

The generally accepted view that the Fox News Network only appeals to conservative Republicans appears to be a myth, according to The Los Angeles Times.  The (not conservative) L.A. paper reports that at least one third of the Fox News audience are actually Democrats, who “denounce Fox News at work and parties and then go home to secretly watch the channel.”  It was reported that during the Massachusetts senate race, Fox News drew about
4 times the audience The Times says was “sleeping over at CNN.”

Now, with the more liberal Air America Radio Network out of business due to lack of listeners, President Obama has to rethink his former refusal to deal with Fox.  Last week, Obama’s chief spokesperson Robert Gibbs started the process by appearing on Fox with Chris Wallace.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds….

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  1. Have liberals really sunk into Orwellian double-think as this article suggests with “denounce Fox News at work and parties and then go home to secretly watch the channel”? If so, what a sad commentary on people’s need to belong and on their insecurity. And what a warped way to live.

    What haappened to the American who stood up for his convictions? What sort of toadie is only interested in looking like he’s part of the crowd?

    Probably the answer is staring too many of us in the mirror…

    As for conservatives, do they play the same game? Do its members mouth platitudes among friends and then live a much differnt life at home? I suspect so.

    The need to belong has always been a stumbling block to our better convictions. Perhaps this is the sad truth of the human condition.

    And perhaps there’s a little bit of the Nazi in each of us, ready to join the crowd crying for blood, even when the still small voice of our conscience argues we should be doing otherwise.



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  2. The cable news ratings are crazy.  FoxNews dominates something like the top 5 slots.  Even crazy Glenn Beck is #2!  We could say that FoxNews only appeals to the ultra-conservative, but it doesn’t seem that a network could dominate the ratings on that small a slice of the population.  There has to be a lot of people who watch and enjoy it…even if some of them are closeted FoxNews watchers.

  3. More like Fox News has become the Guilty Pleasure of the 21st Century, like Disco and the Village People were for the Seventies.

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