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Who Participates in the Online World?

Who exactly is using the net, and in what ways? It’s a critical question for anyone trying to create online media, information, or entertainment. Check out this amazing chart from Forrester Research that really opened my eyes to what’s happening online. Special thanks to Max Bunch at Stratmark for making me aware of this.

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  1. Just great ….. now it's official.  Compared to others in my age group, I'm really weird.

    I knew it already, but now I can put a chart to it ……

    Seriously though, that's powerful information.

  2. I didn’t find the 20 year old age group shocking since I have a 24 year old but I did find the 12 year old category stunning! I hope that a big chunk of that stems from their computer use as a result of schooling….

    Remaining Steadfast,


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