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For Teenagers, “Digital” Celebrities are the Most Influential

Hollywood’s Variety Magazine reports that the most influential celebrities for teenagers are now YouTube stars. In fact, when it comes to their “Q” score, YouTube stars have far more impact on teenagers than major names like Taylor Swift or Johnny Depp. In the Variety list, the only mainstream TV, music, or movie stars to crack the top ten were Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift. And the top six positions? All are stars from the online world.

Now, keep in mind that these artists, performers, and musicians, aren’t going the traditional route of getting noticed by a major network or studio, working their way up, or spending years in the trenches doing toothpaste commercials.

These new stars are people shooting low budget online shows, creating a YouTube channel, and having millions of people subscribe to their weekly episodes.

Here’s the complete report and if you’re trying to get into the heads of today’s teenagers, it’s a must read.

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